COVID-19: ‘Short Circuits’, 5/30

The nation is starting to open back up, for better or worse.

Song: “Tumbleweed” by 9 Lazy 9
(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music that’s linked in this post)


(from Associated Press)

The deaths of George Lloyd in Minneapolis, the revealed-2-months-later death of Breeonna Taylor in Louisville, and the revealed-3-months-later-and-possibly-covered up murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia have sparked outrage and protests around the nation. You can Google when and where they have happened; there have been a lot, and some of them have been destructive. I am not a huge fan of property damage and looting… BUT I GET IT.

There were peaceful marches before… and police (Minneapolis) open fired on the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets.

We tried to kneel.. and you saw what happened with that and Kap and Eric.

We have tried for years to get everyone to see what’s been happening with us and Police.

What did you think the next step would be?

Moving Family

On a more pleasing topic: my sister has a new house, and my Dad should have a new place soon. Sis and her boyfriend moved from Old Louisville (the central part of the city) to Valley Station (far SW part of the county). I didn’t help them move (I wasn’t comfortable – ‘High Risk’, ‘High Severity’ with COVID-19) but have seen some pics of their place. It’s nice! Meanwhile, Dad is moving from Portland (far NW part of the city). He’ll stay with my little brother for a few weeks, while he finalizes on a place.

Two Books

I am over half finished with NK Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season”, via the audio book app, Audible. This is one of the best books I’ve ever listened to or read! So far, the story is told through the eyes of 3 women, two of which are written in 2nd Person, putting you into the story.
The other book, “Dragon’s Egg” by Robert L Forward”, is about a civilization that’s living on the surface of a Neutron Star, discovered by a team of scientists on Earth. I’m only about 50 pages in but it’s been an interesting read!


I finally got my Macbook (not the one pictured)! I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to get used to the layout of the home screen, the Dock, Safari, and the File System. Gotta admit: I liked what I’ve seen, so far! This doesn’t mean that I’m switching over to iPhone or all Macs, however. 😉

Song: “Beyond Raging Waves” by DJ Krush

Code Louisville

Week 4 is in the books! I am a little ahead of pace, in terms of watching assigned videos, doing Coding Challenges, and taking quizzes. I’ve made a few wire frames of my Web Page/App Project; I now have 2 months to start coding, make changes, and get the project working for the Code Louisville Staff!

‘Epic’ Free Games

Video game company, Epic Games, have offered free downloads of some big PC titles in the last month or so. Today (Saturday), I downloaded their latest free offer: Borderlands 2, including DLC content. It may be a few weeks before I dive in, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Blood Thinner Research!

This news made me smile, big – there is hope for us heart surgery patients surviving COVID-19:


I started a fundraiser on Facebook to help out the Drum & Bugle Corps that I marched for, Cincinnati Tradition. From May 6th – 31st, I would grow out my hair 1 week for every $10 donated, and 3 weeks for every Raffle Ticket bought (CT has a larger, overarching fundraiser until June 23rd) . On the 24th, I bumped the times up to 2 weeks (for money) and 5 weeks (for tickets). I started growing the hair out on May 8th.

I can not cut it again until June 4, 2021 (maybe longer, depending on what happens tomorrow).

I have a brush, mini comb, and mirror, ready to go. I now need a hair pick. 😉

“What do I do, next?”

So: there are increasingly tense clashes between protesters; COVID-19 is still a threat, and I am still ‘High Risk’/’High Severity’, and society is starting to open up, with bars and restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, and social events returning. What do I do? From June 6th through June 16th, I only work 1 day (vacation!). I saw my family today, for the first time since Feb. 26th. I was a little uncomfortable at first – I asked them to wear masks when they picked me up – but it ended up being a great visit. I think, until the threat level reduces, I am not going anywhere on the local bus system, other than work, checkups, and Iroquois Park (a very large, local park). I doubt I will be back at Team Trivia, if/when it starts up again, before the end of June; I won’t be a Game Nights, when they start up, before the same time, especially if I don’t get a ride to and from them; and Podcast recording is only happening if I get a ride AND the local bus system goes back to normal routes (they are currently on reduced service and Weekend Times, only).

Let’s see where the next few weeks take me and us.

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