Race-Baited and LGBT-Baited During Lunch?

A little under a block from where I work, there is a convenient store that also serves a few hot items to eat, like chicken, casseroles, and some breakfast sandwiches. I decided to pick up lunch there earlier this afternoon - to save some money - rather than go to a BBQ joint with a … Continue reading Race-Baited and LGBT-Baited During Lunch?

In Other News….

... 9 people are dead after a 21-year old gunman entered an African-American church in Charleston, SC and started shooting worshippers, in an apparent racially motivated attack. Amazing how the gunman is still alive. It's also amazing how people continue to ignore/overlook/hide the facts that racism - in statements about politicians, in police incidents, in comments … Continue reading In Other News….

“This Post Is Racist!”

Former Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, for the last few months, has hinted that accused coach Chip Kelly's decisions to trade him and other players were racially motivated. This is ignoring the fact that Kelly has not only replaced black players with other black players but also has traded/cut white players.... something that McCoy … Continue reading “This Post Is Racist!”

Blacks in Baseball: Chris Rock’s HBO Segment

"I'm an endangered species: a Black baseball fan." This link is to the 7-minute segment that Chris Rock had on the show "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel". Like Rock, I am "an endangered species". I grew up watching baseball on Saturday afternoons and nights; not having cable or dish, I mainly listened to baseball on the radio … Continue reading Blacks in Baseball: Chris Rock’s HBO Segment