“Short Circuits”: ‘I Don’t Understand It!’

(for starters, I don’t understand why it was nearly 4 AM before I fell asleep… but I was awake at around 8:15)

– I don’t understand how or why “flipping” something became so popular. You now have shows on TV about ‘flipping’ your dinner, ‘flipping’ your house, and ‘flipping’ your life (no shows about ‘flipping’ a table or ‘flipping’ someone or something off). On that same vein…

– I don’t understand why different ways to doing something are now called “hacks”. So many article and blog titles now have something like “10 Hacks To Enhance Your Garden This Spring!”, or “17 Amazing Hacks In The Kitchen!”. Maybe it’s just appealing word play…?

– I don’t understand the need to burn and vandalize when your sports teams win or lose. Fan bases whose teams lost, I can at least understand the reasoning (in this area, the University’s undefeated basketball season came to an end in the Final Four late Saturday night; fans took to the street and vandalized property, overturned vehicles, and set fires… again. Same thing happened in 2014 after a Championship game loss). If your team winswhy are you outside, destroying stuff?? Case in point: fans of the University of Louisville in 2013, when they took to the streets and did pretty similar stuff, even getting involved in a shooting. Just go outside, be loud, celebrate, and maybe cause traffic delays, not turn a city into a recreation of Mad Max.

– Speaking of sports: could someone explain to me golf’s popularity? I don’t understand it. Or golf fans.

– Also, the “I don’t like or care about sports, so I’m going to post all over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media just how much I don’t care” crowd: still don’t understand them. You cared enough to make snarky posts about not caring, riiiiight?

– I’ll say the same thing here as I did on Facebook: I don’t understand the lack of coverage about the Kenyan university slayings in the American media. Fox News didn’t even have it on their front page yesterday… but the Price Is Right model who accidentally revealed a winning answer was.

– On a personal level, I don’t understand how and why I’ve plateaued in my tone-up, weight-loss program, mainly on the weight-loss side. While I have lost nearly 20 pounds since I started last summer, I’ve only loss 3-5 pounds in the last 3 months. I wonder if it’s diet-related, if it’s because I’m adding muscle (which I’m fine with lol), or just something normal that happens?

– I still don’t understand the “I’m on vacation/at the beach/outside/at a party, so here are pictures of my feet” phenomenon. Nothing screams ‘beautiful scenery and great times!’ like 4 pairs of sandaled feet, standing in a circle.

– I probably will never understand why so many Country Music awards are on network TV – or even exist – but the Source Awards aren’t. “Potential foul language” isn’t a valid excuse for the Source Awards.

– I don’t understand why it took so long for big universities to offer free tuition to those whose families make under a certain amount per year. Stanford made headlines recently by offering free tuition to those who make under $125,000 and expanding their free housing and board packages. There are so many people right now that don’t go to, or drop out, college strictly because of money; offering free tuition, without the crippling debt of student loans, would go a long way to helping them out.

– I don’t understand why Pete Rose is still banned from baseball and not in the Hall of Fame but Alex Rodriguez, suspended TWICE for using steroids and PEDs, is about to play in the 2015 baseball season.

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