The WWE, the NWA, and ‘The 1/8th Nelson’

A few years ago, I wrote the occasional review of WWE’s then-Friday night show, “Smackdown”, for the blog “1/8th Nelson”, a wrestling blog founded and contributed to by 3 of my best friends. While the Nelson has faded into the background, my occasional wrestling writing might resurface from time to time. I don’t know what I will title these writings when they happen yet, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s some news from the non-“mainstream” wrestling organizations that I think is pretty neat. The Madison, IN/Southern IN area is host to AWA Supreme Championship Wrestling, a group known for good, solid wrestling and stories, instead of an “extreme” style. They can pull in some big-name regional wrestlers, including former NWA World Champion and WWE Star Rob Conway. Well, they have worked out an agreement to become a part of the National Wrestling Alliance, as NWA Supreme. The NWA has been re-solidifying over the past few years and adding AWA Supreme to the mix will give local fans the chance to see regional and AWA stars such as “Custom Made” Eric Draven, Billy Mattern, Ricky Ruckus, and Big & Tasty in the ring against NWA stars such as the aforementioned Conway, current World Champion Tenzan (who also wrestled in WCW), and current NWA World Tag Team Champions “Killer Elite Squad” (former TNA and WWE stars Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith, Jr.). It is an awesome move on NWA’s part to bring AWA-Supreme into the fold and should lead to some exciting times in the So. Indiana area.

AWA-Supreme’s Facebook page:

NWA’s website:

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