World of Warcraft: The Raiding “Elitist”

I came back to World of Warcraft about a year and a half ago, mainly playing for a couple of hours after work and HW/studying or on the weekends. Since that time, I’ve managed to get a few toons up and beyond the minimum gear level to join a few “Looking For Raid (LFR)” groups, where large groups of people sign up to take on harder-than-normal raids, without clogging up the different Chat channels asking for raid groups. Unfortunately, I noticed 2 things about raids now.

The first is that a group of raiders, even within the guild I’m in, have developed an ‘elitist’ attitude, where if you aren’t at a gear level that they want, or do an amount of damage that they like, you are “not part of the club”, i.e., you aren’t raiding. Seemingly gone are the days where you could join a raid, learn the fight(s) first-hand, then improve the next times you came. Now, it’s “you can’t raid with this group or join this LFR unless you have an item level of 1900, you do eleventy-billion damage per second, and you can go through the entire raid in under 6 minutes…. blindfolded.” Adding to this ridiculousness are the ever-vocal groups that either complain about not finding enough people to raid or those who leave a guild because few people want to raid the way they do. The key, I think, to solving this lies with Blizzard and the 2nd thing I noticed about raids:

Even though there is a ‘Legacy’ tab available, toons between level 60 and 90 are all but forgotten, when it comes to raids and raid set up. I think that LFRs should be extended all the way back to Karazhan: list Kara, Naxxramas, all of the ICC content, and the other level 70-89 raids as LFRs and scale them depending on how many sign up (with the minimum being 10), instead of trying to start a Legacy group and hoping that people remember that the tab is there. You could maybe introduce a ‘beginner’s mode’ for the level 60 and 70 raids, so that new raiders aren’t overwhelmed too much by boss fight mechanics.

Whatever happens, hopefully some of the mentality of raiding changes. A lot of people – former raiders, people who want to raid but may not be able to when their guild raids, and new raiders – are opting not to bother with raiding, mainly due to the “elite” raiders that are sapping the fun out of it.

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