“Inside The Terrordome I”

– President Obama is in town (Louisville) this afternoon, to talk about jobs and improving the economy. However, he delayed his arrival a few hours because of developing issues with the Iran Nuclear Program deal (it sounds like a deal has been reached), and now there are some severe storms rolling through. Add that to bridge construction traffic and road closures, and you have a POTUS that might not get into town until Friday morning. ūüėČ

– For the 3rd time in 7 weeks, Chris Rock has been pulled over by cops. “Driving While Black” does happen; so does “Walking While Black”. I speak from experience on the 2nd one, as it has happened to me twice: once on the way to work at 5:15 AM (on suspicion of ‘casing a truck’), once on the way home from work, half a block away from my old apartment (‘fit the profile of someone that had broken into area buildings’). ūüėČ

–¬†Regarding the Religious Freedom law that Indiana enacted¬†–¬†which isn’t as similar to other states’ bills as some would lead you to believe – this may be one of the more eye-openingly ridiculous headlines that I’ve seen (from a WSJ editorial):
“Indiana Isn’t Targeting Gays. Liberals Are Targeting Religion”.
Liberals. There’s that political slant that I mentioned¬†in my intro post: whenever Republicans someone doesn’t like something, it’s always “The Liberals”‘s fault. “The Liberals” are taking our rights away, “The Liberals” are ruining the country, “The Liberals” cost Daniel Bryan the 2015 Royal Rumble win, etc..

– Meanwhile, probably falling under most people’s radars:
Yemen is on the verge of absolute collapse:
Over 140 dead in Kenya at a university shooting by (suspected) Al-Shabaab:

– The music service “Tidal” launched on March 31st, to less than enthusiastic reviews and critics. I need to read up more on what Tidal is offering that other sites, such as Spotify, don’t, but from what I have read and seen, that $20 a month charge for premium services will keep me with Spotify. Maybe I’ll change that stance once more information comes out.

– The prices for the Mayweather-Pacquiao pay-per-view were announced earlier today: $89 for standard definition, $99 for HD. Looks like I’ll either watch that at a B-Dubs (for under $20) or find/get a group of at least 8 people together and watch it at someone’s house. As much as I want to see this superfight, $99 is absurd.

РLabs and Exam III to turn in for my online Computer Hardware and Software class, Exam IV in Regional Geography, an outline for my Intro to Sociology term paper, hunting for a 2nd job (especially if it can be a work-from-home job), and getting into a decent schedule for Planet Fitness (I just joined a few days ago) makes for an insanely busy upcoming 6 days!

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