“Inside The Terrordome III”: ‘May!’

- So, after the Big Fight, Floyd Mayweather unified the Welterweight titles, remained undefeated.... and caused a wave of internet saltiness in the sports world not seen since Barry Bonds hit Home Run #715. So many people were quick to chime in with memes, GIFs, and other digital snark about how Mayweather"ran" the whole fight. … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome III”: ‘May!’

“Inside The Terrordome I”

- President Obama is in town (Louisville) this afternoon, to talk about jobs and improving the economy. However, he delayed his arrival a few hours because of developing issues with the Iran Nuclear Program deal (it sounds like a deal has been reached), and now there are some severe storms rolling through. Add that to … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome I”