“Inside The Terrordome III”: ‘May!’

– So, after the Big Fight, Floyd Mayweather unified the Welterweight titles, remained undefeated…. and caused a wave of internet saltiness in the sports world not seen since Barry Bonds hit Home Run #715. So many people were quick to chime in with memes, GIFs, and other digital snark about how Mayweather”ran” the whole fight. News flash, folks: Mayweather doesn’t have to fight a style to YOUR liking; neither does Pacquiao. The “Pac-Man” knew that “Money” is a defense-first, counter-your-punch second kind of fighter and, from all reports, didn’t connect enough with his punches to take rounds from Mayweather. Now Mayweather gears up for one last fight, while Manny probably will stay in title contention, depending on if he jumps weight classes.

– Bernie Sanders announced that he would run for the Presidency. Im not nearly as giddy over this as some of my Democrat friends, yet not as dismissive as a few Republican friends, mainly because I dont know much about him. I need to do some major digging on his policies and stances before declaring his candidacy a waste of time and money.

– There is something very powerful about 170,000 singing “My Old Kentucky Home”, along with the University of Louisville Marching Band and Cardinal Singers, right before the start of the Kentucky Derby. By the way, 123,000+ people (a new attendance record) showed upcfor the Kentucky Oaks the Friday before Derby. An exciting weekend for the city!

– Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Unfortunately, its been 10 years since I lost my Mom to heart failure caused by complications from Lupus and 2 major strokes over the years. While the sharpness of the pain of losing her isn’t there, seeing stauses and pictures of others’ Moms on Facebook hasn’t eased the dull ache that still surfaces. So, hug your Moms (and grandmothers) this coming weekend; if you dont have them, hug a friend that is a Mom. She would probably enjoy it!

– “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” -Mahatma Gandhi
“Poverty must not be a bar to learning and learning must offer an escape from poverty.” -Lyndon B. Johnson
“It is not easy for men to rise whose wualities are thwarted by poverty.” -Juvenal
Three quotes that resonate with me.

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