The End of 2022, Staycation, and… Don’t Break My Stuff, 2023!

I only had one ‘official’ resolution for 2022, and that was to read 25+ books for the year. Even with me not reading or listening to much in November and December, this resolution was a success: I read 25 books.


2022 was a pretty decent year… but ended in a frustrating huff. I got paid on December 30th; this was a ‘rent’ check: my car payment and rent payment would both come from this check. My paycheck would normally cover both but wouldn’t leave a lot of extra spending money. This usually is fine b/c I keep a little bit in my savings account, just in case.

My paycheck was about $250 short. I didn’t get some Holiday hours paid for, my PTO was heavily taxed, and I missed a punch code, so I didn’t get paid for the last day on that check. Results: rent and car were paid, Savings were cleared out, and Checking Account is currently overdrawn (with Overdraft fees to start on Monday). A wonderful way to end ’22 and start ’23.


I took the last 3 days of ’22 and the first week of ’23 off from work. The paycheck shortage put a big damper on where I could go, so it became a reading-video game-sports vacation. I made a lot of progress with about 3 or 4 alts on World of Warcraft, which was fun. I restarted Shadows: Sekiro Dies Twice, quickly remembering how hard that game can get. 😉 I also, after about a year and a half, restarted Pillars of Eternity, a Baldur’s Gate-esque RPG. I’m enjoying getting back into both games!
I also kicked off 2023 with an Audiobook: “The Grand Hotel: A Novel”. A group of tourists stop at this old hotel; the (spooky) Desk Clerk takes them on a tour of the hotel. Along the way, they meet tenants that tell stories if their past, almost all of them weird and horror-related. I’m about 1/4 of the way through.
All in all, the staycation was decent, even with the money issue!

Other Stuff

  • I played my first one-shot in D&D! I was a 3rd level Kenku Soulknife (a Rogue). Our party investigated a theft and murder(s) in the Queen’s Gardens. This session was part of a larger, potential campaign: the DM is choosing 5-6 players, from our session and one next Friday, to run a homebrewed campaign some time in February. I had fun!
  • The University of Louisville football team won their Bowl game… after getting a new coach! Temporary Coach Deion Branch led the team through the bowl game, but Jeff Brohm is now the new full-time Coach. It will be interesting to see how the 2023 season goes, under the leadership of Brohm.
  • The Streak continues (well over 10 years).
  • I have now been in this apartment for 5 years. As much as I liked my old 3rd Street place, this place on Southern Parkway is my favorite. I love the place and the neighborhood!

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