31 Days (well, maybe 20…) of Horror

It’s been a VERY busy 2-3 months at work. I’ve filled in for absent co-workers, open shift spots, and as an extra body; probably averaging 46-48 hours a week, 6 days a week. Busy, to the point that I forgot to start a blossoming tradition of watching at least 1 horror/thriller movie a day in October!

Never fear, however! I’m off today, so I can now make my list of potential viewing options. I’ll have some ‘favorites’ on here but I’m going to try and have movies that I’ve never seen before, have only seen once or twice, or haven’t seen in years. Kudos to good friend Erin, who posted lists of movies that various stations (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) are showing.

Here is my pool of movies to choose from, in no particular order; if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. I will likely start some time this week; I’ll try to watch 1 a day, multiples on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on other plans.

Dog Soldiers
Prince of Darkness
Evil Dead II
The Conjuring
Gerald’s Game
IT (the mini-series)
Train to Busan
Fright Night (original)
Don’t Breathe
13 Ghosts
Event Horizon
28 Days Later
30 Days of Night
The Nun
Night of the Living Dead
Return of the Living Dead
The Black Phone
The Fog (original)
House on Haunted Hill
House of 1000 Corpses
The Descent
Hellraiser II
Demons 2
Night of the Demons (1988, 2019)
The Haunting
Poltergeist (original)
Halloween Kills
Halloween Ends
The Exorcist III
Exorcist Prequels
The Gate
Queen of the Damned
Children of the Corn
Howling IV
The Shining (new)
The Invitation
Doctor Sleep
The Autopsy of Jane Doe

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