Louisville… ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!

Nah, you don’t have to – I just like Roman Reigns’ “Acknowledge Me!” promos. šŸ˜‰

President Biden announced a Student Loan Forgiveness Package: basically, if you make under $125K a year, you get at least $10K forgiven from your loans. There are a few other details and requirements in this package. And, like clockwork, some people started complaining. And, like recent trends, it’s mainly Republicans over the age of 35. Lord forbid that some struggling people get some help before them, b/c “I paid MY loans off without help!”.

I’ve started my 7th year at TRIMARC! I have enjoyed the people there and the job itself, but I’m still looking to start a career somewhere else.

I need to use my camera more. I bought it about a year ago, originally for a trip to Indianapolis. I should go to the local parks and take pictures of the wildlife and plants. Or I could go back to the West End and take some pics of my old neighborhood, especially since so much has changed over there.

29 years ago, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” made its debut on Fox. You now feel old, don’t you? šŸ˜‰

For the 1st time in over 25 years, I spent some time at the Kentucky State Fair. My little brother and I went to check out the animals, most of the exhibits, and eat fair food. I kept my fair food lunch a little tame, this time: a Philly Cheese Steak and fries (and a Mountain Dew). My feet and knee held up pretty well; it was, strangely, my groin that bothered me after I got home. All in all, it was a very cool afternoon at the Fair!

Speaking of pain: I have been in a lot of pain and discomfort, the past 2 weeks. My Plantar Plates, on both feet, have been uncomfortable; my right arch has been painful and stiff; my right MCL has been sore (why, I have no idea…); both wrists hurt, and both hands hurt. It’s exhausting. I don’t have the money to run to the doctor’s office, get a bill over $1,000, and have them basically take 2 Tylenol a day and come back in a week. However, if this doesn’t ease up in the next few days, I might make the trip.

I have started, deleted, restarted, re-deleted, and re-restarted a Tinder profile. I don’t see myself keeping the profile up past the weekend. I’ve never been hiking, never been to the lake, am not a “good communicator”, and don’t want a serious relationship – all seemingly every woman between 35 and 45 is looking for, on there – so keeping a profile up feels like a waste. šŸ˜¤

I pushed back some planned time off because we have a bunch of open positions at work. The bad part is that I’m going to miss the NHRA U.S. Nationals on Labor Day (September 5th). The good part is that I might be able to save up more money to take an out-of-town trip in October. If I don’t go out of town, I definitely plan on relaxing at home, reading/listening to audiobooks, and playing video games, while possibly exploring Louisville a little bit. I’ve just about given up on going out before then – 95% of people either don’t want to leave their homes anymore or don’t want to stay out past 9 PM. I would like to do both. šŸ˜‰

I watched “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” again. While not a great movie, it is better than I remember from the first watch.

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