4th of July: Not Feeling It

The 4th of July. Independence Day. The day that most Americans celebrate the founding of our country, and the subsequent freedom from the British Crown, with BBQs, baseball games, and fireworks. It’s one of the big “summer party” days.

I’m just not feeling it in 2022.

I wish I had a concrete reason for my dull enthusiasm today (currently 7 AM). I think the biggest factors are: 1) I have to work Tuesday morning and 2) it’s ridiculously hot. But those are more ‘excuses’ than ‘reasons’. TBH, I think the political climate isn’t helping, not wanting to leave the apartment today (‘laziness’) isn’t helping, and an odd helping of monotony isn’t helping. Politically, I can’t find much to be ‘rah-rah’ about. Roe vs. Wade being overturned, people stressed out over gas and food prices, our Congress being a collection of party-brainwashed idiots… not invoking excitement about the Stars ‘N Stripes. With Louisville’s temperature forecasted to be 95 (Heat Index over 100), I’m not relishing standing outside for more than 5-10 minutes, especially with no shade. And the monotony? I can’t explain that part.

So, I’ll work (from home) until 2:30 PM and very likely just stay home, afterwards, unless something completely unforeseen happens. Might have a movie to watch; likely will have “Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition” to play. And treat this year’s 4th Of July as just another day.

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