First Impressions: “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

'First Impressions' are quick recaps and reviews on video games (and, sometimes, books) that I am playing for the first time. Well, it took over 6 years, but I finally purchased "Dragon Age: Inquisition" for the PC (and not only was it on sale for $10 on Steam, it was the Game Of The Year … Continue reading First Impressions: “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

I purchased this game months ago; I finally upgraded to a PC that could play it a couple of days ago. I played through the opening areas - an unofficial "Tutorial" - and will recap some of the story, different items that I ran across, and some of the controls/graphics/and overall gameplay. There will be slight … Continue reading First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 3:

A change to this blog: I'm removing the "Heroes" section from part 2 and adding it to this part. In the final part of the 'Darkest Dungeon' review, I'm going to take a look at the Hero Classes. There are 15 classes, with each class having 7 main stats to keep track of: Resolve: the resistance level to … Continue reading Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 3:

Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 1: Setup

Good friend Scotty – the one who hosts the Game Nights that I write about, on occassion – had mentioned a PlayStation game called “Darkest Dungeon” to me a few weeks back. I later saw him play a few minutes of it, and it piqued my interest. I ultimately bought the game for PC on Thursday. I … Continue reading Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 1: Setup

“The Forgotten City”: A Skyrim Mod

**NO SPOILERS** You are traveling throughout the lands of Skyrim, doing Dovakiin-like things, when a Courier tracks you down. He hands you a letter, complete with a voice-reading, from a woman named Cassia, whose brother is missing inside some Dwemer (Dwarven) ruins. She promises "riches beyond your imagining". Thus starts the adventure called "The Forgotten City". … Continue reading “The Forgotten City”: A Skyrim Mod