Review/Walk-Through: “Prey”, Part III

Sometimes, you have to take a step back before you move forward. You also should save your game progress multiple times. Pretty profound, for me. Anyway.... I backtracked to an earlier save (more on that in a bit), then moved back through sections of the Talos Lobby, ending up with some valuable info that I … Continue reading Review/Walk-Through: “Prey”, Part III

Review: “Prey”, Part II

Around the Lobby Part I led us from Morgan Yu's apartment to the Lobby of the testing facilities of Transtar. Part II will look at what is in and around the Lobby. Hint: you had better had sufficient Health Restores. Once again, this is how I played through this section - it may not be the … Continue reading Review: “Prey”, Part II

First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

I purchased this game months ago; I finally upgraded to a PC that could play it a couple of days ago. I played through the opening areas - an unofficial "Tutorial" - and will recap some of the story, different items that I ran across, and some of the controls/graphics/and overall gameplay. There will be slight … Continue reading First Look (Finally!): “Prey”