25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 2

I have had a few days to let everything sink in. Thursday May 4th was a day I will not soon forget! It was cloudy in Louisville but pretty rainy in central and southern Kentucky. Once we got to Bowling Green, the rain was easing up, but still steady. After a few moment with my … Continue reading 25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 2

25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 1

January 1997, I attended Purdue University (West Lafayette Campus). My first class, I think, was "Intro to Unix"). April 2022, I am attending Western Kentucky University. My last non-Capstone class is "Systems Architecture II", a Linux class. In 2 weeks, barring a disaster, I will finally walk down the aisle and receive a Bachelor's Degree. … Continue reading 25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 1


For those who are/were regular readers of my blog, thank you for sticking around! For new readers, welcome to The Nexus!I don't have a really good reason why this is only the 3rd post since June, other than 'total mental exhaustion'. I could never seem to get going in a lot of things: this page, … Continue reading Return

Baaaack, back, back, back….

"Settle For Nothing", by Rage Against the Machine, is today's background track. It's been a minute since my last post! So, what's been going on? ==================================================================== I'm still working at TRIMARC and just passed my 5-year anniversary! It's been a fun, interesting 5 years, monitoring the interstates in Louisville and the Northern KY areas. A … Continue reading Baaaack, back, back, back….

Short Circuits: Summertime

Random thoughts, observations, and updates on a Friday afternoon. I FINALLY feel like I'm getting back to a 'comfortable routine', after months of spinning my wheels! I cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the hall, cleaned the stove top, and swept the living room, things that I had put off for months due to mental and physical … Continue reading Short Circuits: Summertime

Covid-19 ‘Inside The Terrordome’: Dang, March!

As of March 10th, I do not have COVID-19. But there's better news: I finally received the first of 2 Pfizer vaccine shots for COVID-19! Yesterday (March 9th), a lot of local Kroger and Walgreens pharmacies opened up appointment slots; I took one for this morning, since I had already asked for the day off.It … Continue reading Covid-19 ‘Inside The Terrordome’: Dang, March!