Inside The Terrordome

(random thoughts and events going on in and around my life) Music - 2 tracks, this time: "I'll Still be True" by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "Double Bass" by Gorillaz I do not own these videos! 11 Days. That's how long I have until my first Final of the semester is due. I say … Continue reading Inside The Terrordome

Review: “Rayguns and Rocketships”

"Rayguns and Rocketships" Designer: Scott Rogers (II) - his blog Publishers: Bedbug Games, IDW Games Genre: Science Fiction, Action Players: 2-4; better with 4 Ages: 12+ Play Time: ~2 hours on first play-through, 60-90 minutes afterwards   Our Game Night host, Scotty, backed this game on Kickstarter; we got our first test run through it … Continue reading Review: “Rayguns and Rocketships”

First Thoughts: “Super Mario Odyssey”

I got the chance to play about 30 minutes of Super Mario Odyssey on Saturday evening. I now want to own this game, if for the sole reason of getting revenge on Bullet Bills. Minor, early-game spoilers below. There was much that I enjoyed about my introduction to Super Mario Odyssey, starting with the game's actual intro. … Continue reading First Thoughts: “Super Mario Odyssey”

“Thor: Ragnarok”: Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ham… Oh, Wait…..

Thor:Ragnarok is the 3rd Thor entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It is also the most enjoyable. (some mild spoilers below) One of the first things I noticed that set "Ragnarok" apart from "Thor" (a decent movie) and "The Dark World" (it had its moments) was the humor: some was Dry Humor, some was … Continue reading “Thor: Ragnarok”: Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ham… Oh, Wait…..

Review: The Hateful Eight

A coupe of years after its release, I got the chance to watch the much-hyped movie, The Hateful Eight. It was a decent mix of characters and emotions, smothered under a blizzard (like the setting) of violence, profanity, and run-time. Some spoilers ahead.... The story takes place in some kind of Revisionist, post-Civil War west - specifically, … Continue reading Review: The Hateful Eight

“Tales from the TARCside”: The Fun of Bus Dependence (in pictures)

It was 6:49 AM, Sunday morning. This is a snippet of the schedule for Bus Route #17. I am standing about 5 blocks past the Fern Creek stop: This is when #17 gets to a Transfer point, 4th and Jefferson (7:45): Here is a snippet from Route #43. The plan was to walk a few … Continue reading “Tales from the TARCside”: The Fun of Bus Dependence (in pictures)

“Tales from the TARCside”: ‘Too Early For That!’

(Name credit goes to a co-worker. These are various stories - good to bad, funny to annoying, and everything in between -  from my adventures on Louisville's Public Transit system)   I am a 3rd shifter. I leave work around 6:30 AM, walk a few blocks to one of several bus stops, catch my bus … Continue reading “Tales from the TARCside”: ‘Too Early For That!’

Review: “Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate”

Betraying your friends is no longer confined to that House, over on that Hill. Publisher: Avalon Hill Ages: 12+ Players: 3-6 Time: ~1-3 Hours   "Betrayal at Baldur's Gate" is a wonderful re-imaging of the classic board game, "Betrayal at House on the Hill". Taking place in the D&D city of Baldur's Gate, you and … Continue reading Review: “Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate”