“Tales from the TARCside”: ‘Driver Shortage’

TARC made regional news: https://www.whas11.com/article/news/local/tarc-bus-shortage-leaves-teenager-stranded-after-work/417-552329474 This is not as new of a problem as it seems. For years, TARC has had a problem with late routes (according to myself and a LOT of passengers) and driver shortages (according to a couple of drivers on my routes to and from work). It is not unusual to … Continue reading “Tales from the TARCside”: ‘Driver Shortage’

Inside The Terrordome

(random thoughts and events going on in and around my life) Music - 2 tracks, this time: "I'll Still be True" by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "Double Bass" by Gorillaz I do not own these videos! 11 Days.¬†That's how long I have until my first Final of the semester is due. I say … Continue reading Inside The Terrordome

“Night Walks”: Thunder Over Louisville 2017

Subtitled: "Good... But Let's Not Repeat That, Shall We?" (Picture from whas11.com) (This post is longer than most "Night Walks" because: 1) I'm home and 2) I'm more awake than I would like to be, at 2:40 AM on a Wednesday¬†morning) The world's most famous horse race happens in my hometown: The Kentucky Derby (in … Continue reading “Night Walks”: Thunder Over Louisville 2017