“Tales from the TARCside”: ‘Driver Shortage’

TARC made regional news:


This is not as new of a problem as it seems. For years, TARC has had a problem with late routes (according to myself and a LOT of passengers) and driver shortages (according to a couple of drivers on my routes to and from work). It is not unusual to see a major route, like the #18 (a cross-country route that connects Okolona with Downtown, the University of Louisville, Shively, and far Southwestern Louisville) – which runs every 15 minutes – have no bus show up for 20-25 minutes, only to have 3 packed buses show up within 5 minutes.

Whether TARC raises the pay rate for drivers or cuts back on some smaller routes, something needs to be done.

Maybe a light rail system would relieve pressure on TARC. But that’s just silly talk from a tired cyborg…. right?

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