A New Look!

“Enter The Cyborg” got a makeover!

I felt like the blog had too many redundant categories, with posts that were tagged in way too many of those categories. So, I spent large chunks of the last 3 days redesigning the page – thank you, case of the Pink Eye.

Some categories were merged, some were deleted, and a couple were (finally) created. They are all now available on a drop-down menu on the right side of the page. If you want to view post by Month and Year instead, there is an “Archives” drop-down menu on the right side, also. The post categories are:

  • “Inside The Terrordome”: this one stayed the same. The posts in here are usually bullet-points, a few sentences each, about interesting stories that I saw or read, plus daily life updates (my weight loss journey, my INR readings, some school updates, and so on).
  • “Night Walks”: same as before; these are usually short posts that I make deep in the night, either while on break at work (since I work 3rd shift) or when I can’t sleep at home. Consider them “Memory Dumps” of info.
  • “Short Circuits”: same as before; these are rant posts, about politics, sports, and a few other odds and ends.
  • “Tales From The TARCside”: I finally put these posts into their own category; they are stories, incidents, and descriptions about traveling Louisville’s public transit system, TARC.
  • “Archives”: these are generally posts from March 2015 (the beginning of this blog) until summer 2017, that I wanted to hold on to, but (usually) weren’t tagged in other categories
  • “Comicdom Wrecks and Podicus Wrecks”: these are links to the other site that I occasionally write for (‘Comicdom’) and co-host a podcast for (‘Podicus’). I’ll link an podcast an episode or 2, an article or  that I wrote, and a few articles from the other writers of ‘Comicdom Wrecks’. Please check them out!

Most of the other categories are self-explanatory. All review posts are under “Reviews”, except for Wrestling post (under the “Other Interests” category) and Video Games (under “Video Games”). “Uncategorized” are posts that don’t really fit in the other categories.

I hope the revamped page is easier to follow – pick out a post or 2, enjoy, and keep reading!

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