(2:10 AM, Thursday morning)

Wednesday afternoon, I visited my sister for a few hours before I had to work. I was cooking some Baked Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving Dinner at her place, instead of trying to cook it my place and lug it on the bus to her place (the family is meeting at her place this year).

Leaving her place, standing on the bus stop, I realized just how far into the background Thanksgiving had fallen. Don’t get me wrong – I have PLENTY to be thankful for (just take a listen to the latest “Podicus Wrecks” episode). However, I’ve put so much focus on school, combined with 40-50 hour work weeks, Thanksgiving has been a shadow on the horizon instead of the elephant entering the room. 

This will be rectified in about 13 hours. 

If/when I get my own place again, and you find yourself in Louisville in mid-to-late November 2018, stop by, have a bite to eat and something to drink, and have a good time!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, folks!!