It was 6:49 AM, Sunday morning.

This is a snippet of the schedule for Bus Route #17. I am standing about 5 blocks past the Fern Creek stop:

This is when #17 gets to a Transfer point, 4th and Jefferson (7:45):

Here is a snippet from Route #43. The plan was to walk a few blocks to 13th and Market, where the bus with the ‘T’ starts:

This picture was taken at my Fern Creek stop, at 7:38:

Yes, I understand that mechanical issues happen with buses (her bus’s heat went out; that was the reason for the delay).

Yes, please don’t point out that “this wouldn’t happen if you would have had a car.”

Forgive me my moment of cyber-grumbling. Knowing that I have to be up and ready by 2:30, it kinda sucks that I’m looking at an 8:30-8:45 home time (If I Uber from Downtown), 8:45-9:00 if I walk, or 9:45 if I wait for the next #43 bus.