“Thor: Ragnarok”: Don’t Forget Your Trusty Ham… Oh, Wait…..

Thor:Ragnarok is the 3rd Thor entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It is also the most enjoyable.

(some mild spoilers below)


One of the first things I noticed that set “Ragnarok” apart from “Thor” (a decent movie) and “The Dark World” (it had its moments) was the humor: some was Dry Humor, some was built around One-Liners, but a good chunk was Interaction Humor. The very first scene is a good example: Thor is sprawled in a cage, reminiscing to his cage mate about how he went on a “cosmic journey to find some shiny Infinity Jewels” and how, to get some answers to questions, “sometimes, you just have to get captured”. The camera pans over to the other person in the cage: it’s a skeleton. A few moments later, the apparent capturer of Thor appears on camera: Surtur, the “Are You For Real??”-foot tall Fire Demon. And thus begins “Thor: Ragnarok”.


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The main Big Bad Guy – well, Big Bad Woman – is wonderfully portrayed by Cate Blanchett as Hela, Goddess of Death. Hela doesn’t skimp on telling everyone that she’s Death… and also doesn’t skimp on showing it, as a legion of Asgardian soldiers could tell you, if they were still living. Hela’s motives for coming to Asgard (I won’t reveal) are on firmer ground than the usual “I am EEEVILLLL!” or “I want power!!” reasonings.

Mark Ruffalo (“Hulk”) has both sides of his famous hero/antihero/antivillain(?) come to life, especially when he’s interacting with Thor. I liked that there was a bit more to Hulk than just him smashing everything. He smashed PLENTY but he also had scenes where the Hulk exhibited some intelligence!


Idris Elba, back from saving the Dark Tower, once again appeared on the MCU level of the Tower as Heimdall. This time, he took a more active role, as he joins in the fight against Hela and her forces. It was cool to see some of what Heimdall is capable of doing, when he’s not at Ultimate Guard Duty.

Chris Hensworth (“Thor”) ties all of this together. Thor shows off his Thunder Lord (“it’s Thunder GOD!!”) side but also shows some silliness (with Loki, a lot), some dry humor (with Hulk and a very interesting Valkyrie), and even some fright (with Jeff Goldblum’s “Collector”, a show-stealer).

Thor: Ragnarok is the best of the Thor movies. It is, in my humble, non-professional opinion, one of the top 5 of the MCU, so far. There’s plenty of action, plenty of menace (thanks, Hela), and a lot of humor to balance everything out. A very enjoyable movie!

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