“Night Walks”: ‘And So It Begins’

(Tuesday 2:40 AM)


Technically, Finals Week starts on Monday, December 4th, but I actually have a Final in about 11 1/2 hours. In the next 9 days:

  • 2 HW assignments (Database Admin II and Systems Security)
  • 1 Quiz (Security)
  • 1 Exam (Security); I nearly failed the Systems Design Exam earlier
  • 4 Finals (including the Telecom Final later today)

Last semester’s schedule had more total assignments in it (including a group project) but this semester’s work is harder. Also, there’s a key difference: I was working weekends at one job, was on vacation for the other, last year; the only time off I have this year, not counting Finals Week, is the upcoming weekend.

Not much review time… but I’ll get through it! I’ll squeeze in review time at work and at home, plus I might skip my weekly Trivia Night (Tuesday, 50/50) and Game Night (Friday, likely). I want to finish this semester with at least a 3.00. I have 3 ‘B’s and a ‘C’, going into Finals; the ‘C’ may get to a ‘B’, and 2 of the 3 ‘B’s can absolutely get to ‘A’s. Wish me luck!

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