Review of 2017, Part 2: Recap and 2018… Resolutions? Wish List?

Just some of the news stories and happenings in 2017, a lot of which I wrote about in posts this year:

January: I continued a then-months-long war with my foot; I started my 2nd semester at WKU, but it was not a good start; Donal….


Pardon me. 

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the President of the United States.

February: I finally got to attend the Carl Casper Auto Show in town… unfortunately, it was the last ever show; I got my first inner ear infection since childhood – not exactly the highlight of February; Donald Trump began his crusade to tear down the U.S. from within, with his feud with April Ryan

March: March Madness! None of us knew it at the time, but UofL’s 2nd round loss to Michigan was the last game of Rick Pitino’s career; Spring Break was basically a work week; I got to see the very-hyped “Get Out” – it lived up to the hype!

April: not much went on. I got to see parts of “Thunder Over Louisville”‘s Air Show – I had to work that night, so I missed seeing the Fireworks live

May: Spring Finals – they were “meh” but the overall G.P.A. (2.25) was not good; after a lull, the Foot War flared up, in earnest; I watched the NBA and NHL Playoffs… and enjoyed the NHL Playoffs more; I got a promotion!

June and July: finally started the apartment search again – school was previously taking preference over the search. Other than that, not much else happened over the summer, other than Public Enemy releasing a free, digital album, and Louisville Councilman Dan Johnson began his downward spiral

August: BY FAR, the biggest event of August – and arguably the year – was the Total Solar Eclipse. This was an indescribably cool afternoon, seeing how dark Nashville (where we went to see it) got, at 2:30 PM. I wish I had taken a video of the moment when the Sun got covered! Other items in August: I got a few weeks of relief with the foot; I saw “The Dark Tower” movie – it was a little disappointing; Jon Jones shut up Daniel Cormier again, only to get stripped of his title again (drug use accusation); my 3rd semester at WKU began

September: my review/recap series of the Skyrim app, “The Forgotten City”, became 6 of my 8 most read posts ever; I went with my little brother to the NHRA U.S. Nationals, plus a couple of Reds games – both are rare occasions; Houston hammered by a Hurricane

October: in the city of Louisville, the big news was the firing of UofL Basketball Coach Rick Pitino, and UofL King Athletic Director Tom Jurich. The Cliff Notes version of the story: Pitino was accused by the FBI of paying a player to come to Louisville (illegal), Jurich was accused of bullying other coaches and schools on campus, plus insubordination. I saw first hand what happens when Jurich decides that he wants something, so I’m not exactly shedding tears over either man getting the boot. Other items: The Foot War ended, after nearly 1 year!!; INR went to a 3-year high, and it wasn’t a Spike; HW struggles (mainly, not finding enough time to study); Puerto Rico was nailed by a Hurricane ; Halloween was very fun… and the journey home was one of the features of my “Tales From The TARCside” posts; I bought my first Kickstarter game, “Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate” – what a fun board game!

November: Thanksgiving was very enjoyable!; my 1st On Demand class ended – got a ‘B’; David Padgett was named UofL Intern Head Coach (he is currently 10-3 on the season, after getting blown out by Kentucky on Friday); Dan Johnson is finally kicked out of the Louisville Metro Council; I started looking on Craigslist for apartments; the United Soccer League Champions: Louisville City FC!

December: Fall Finals – 2.50 G.P.A.; I found an apartment!!

Similar to last year, I’m making more of a “Wish List” than a “Resolutions” list. I would love to achieve the following in 2018:

  1. Get down to 230 pounds, by April 1st; get to 215 pounds, by Halloween. I will be living about a mile from my Planet Fitness; I will be a 10-20 minute bus ride from Louisville’s largest park, Iroquois Park. Both of these facts should go a long way towards the weight loss goals.
  2. Get a vehicle. I worked a bunch and saved enough money to get an apartment by the end of 2017. I’m hoping to do the same – but sooner – with a vehicle and 2018.
  3. Find an Internship and/or a job in Programming, Web Development, or Game Design. Game Design would be awesome but an Internship in any of those 3 fields would work. I probably need to complete #2 before #3 can happen, though. I don’t have the time or money to waste on bus trips to surrounding cities to job-search.
  4. Make the Dean’s List for the Spring Semester. I have 12 hours… with harder classes than the Fall…. on 3rd Shift. Full-time.
  5. Take much more time for myself. This could be anything from going to movies to getting groups together for a Bats/Louisville FC/UofL game to just spending a few more hours playing the video game-of-choice. Maybe even having more “No Pants” days! I realized that 2017, while a pretty good year overall, was very exhausting with little done to decompress, so to speak. I’m hoping to change that.

Here’s to a very good 2017, and a great 2018!!

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