“Night Walks”: Adventures In Moving II

So, Wednesday was finally Moving Day!

  • My dad, younger brother, my sister, and I met up at about 10:45 (with me on about an hour of sleep) to pick up the U-Haul
  • Other than 2 bags of clothes and shoes that I want to donate, plus some other odds and ends, the loading went pretty smoothly
  • They (dad and 2 of the siblings) got to see the apartment, while I signed the lease, got the keys, paid the prorated first month’s rent, and did a final walk-through with the landlord
  • The only “casualty” of the move was my bookcase: the top and bottom sections went in different directions. 😉 The rest of the unloading went great
  • The whole move took a little over 2 hours, arguably my quickest and best move. After a grocery run, I crashed on the floor (my mattress and new bed are in transit) for an hour or so, visited my sister, then headed to work.

I really like this apartment, so far! There’s brand new carpet, a new dining room floor, and plenty of room. The neighborhood has that good mix of quiet but a lot of traffic. There’s a Planet Fitness and 2 Kroger (a midwest grocery chain) within 1 mile of me, plus an interstate, UofL’s football stadium, and UofL’s baseball stadium. Both branches of the #4 bus stop within 2 blocks of me, also.

A couple of friends are giving me some furniture to round out the place. I may not have people over every night but the option to have people over is now available. Can’t wait to start unpacking and getting settled in!


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