“Night Walks/Day Trip”: Adventures In Moving I

  • Somehow, the 2+ week period between finding out that I was approved for the new apartment and Moving Day is now down to 1 week. Kinda fits in with theme of 2017 flying by.
  • I am hoping to finish most of the packing by Friday. I won’t be home on Saturday, the latter half of Sunday, or parts of Monday and Tuesday, so packing needs to be out of my (little bit of) hair as soon as possible.
  • Cleaning the place will be on those days where free hours are low.
  • I requested a Service Start for the utilities at my new place very early. I’m now glad that I did: I found out that the local utility company initially denied my request because of an old Gas bill at my apartment from about 8 years ago. It was an expensive forgotten memory ($463) but I’m glad I fixed it now, instead of moving in and wondering why there’s no heat or lights (it’s currently 17 degrees F/-8.3 degrees C in Louisville).


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