“Night Walk”: Happy Mother’s Day/Lupus Awareness Month

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Treat your Mom to a special day, whether it’s something as simple as a phone call and a visit, or something as elaborate as lunch/dinner and a day/evening of pampering. Thank her for everything!

If you can.

There are folks out there, including some good friends, that cannot celebrate Mother’s Day any more. They may have lost their Mom or they may have never known (or remember) their Mom. There is a least one old friend that just lost her Mom within the last year or 2; Mother’s Day is especially poignant to her. For those in that, or the other mentioned categories, I hope Sunday isn’t too painful for you. 


I understand your pain. 

I was taking a summer Physics II class at the University of Louisville. I almost always had some kind of music playing on my phone/Walkman/Cd Player/etc., when I was heading to school; that day, it was “Futterman’s Rule”, by The Beastie Boys. The professor, who normally would tell you to turn your cell phones to ‘vibrate’ on test days, wanted everyone’s phones off – no big deal.

After the test, I turned my phone back on, and saw that I had 4 missed calls and a couple of texts – very unusual for me. It was my sister; she said that Mom had been rushed to the hospital. I called in to Target, and rushed downtown as fast as the bus would drive (I got lucky and caught a bus almost immediately after the test). I did not make it; she died a few minutes before I got there. It took a very long time before I could listen to “Futterman’s Rule” again; it took years before I turned any cell phone that I owned off for more than 20 seconds.

I lost my Mom in 2005 to (technically) heart failure; realistically, it was from symptoms from 2 big strokes and a 25-year-plus battle with Lupus.

So, for those of us that experience Mother’s Day without our Moms, whether this will the first one, the 5th one, the 12th one, or the 35th one, remember the goods times you had with Mom. Go out and wish your Aunts, Sisters, or Grandmas a Happy Mother’s Day! If you can’t, wish a good friend (and their family members) a Happy Mother’s Day. You never know: it could make their days and yours!

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