The 12 Days of Finals: Days 10-11

Almost done.

Day 10 (Tuesday): CIT 302 Final

Of the 3 actual exams during Finals Week, the biggest (and, arguably, most important) Final was the Web Development one (CIT 302). Going into this week, I had a solid ‘B’; with a good performance on the Final and an ‘A’ on the Final Project, I could pull out an ‘A’ for the semester.

The Final was 67 questions – odd number, I agree – worth 250 points total, on a 2 hour time limit, proctored. There was a mixture of short answer, true-false, and multiple choice questions; the short answer questions generally worth 5 points, the multiple choice 3-5 points, and the true-false 3-4 points each. I reviewed a few hours before the test making to stop early enough to let things mentally digest. The exam took about 45 minutes; looking at the non-short answer questions, I think I did pretty well. I probably won’t know my grade until next Monday, so here’s for a nerve-racking weekend.

Speaking of grade waiting:

No word on my CIT 300 (CIT Foundations) semester grade yet.

However, my Cultural Diversity professor entered an ‘unofficial’ grade of ‘A’ as my final semester grade. I need for that to become official on Monday, please!

Day 11 (Wednesday): SPS 300 Paper #3, SPS 300 Final Paper

I will fight the next professor that assigns a paper over 4 pages.

This was a paper finishing day and a paper writing. I had to piece together the #3 paper for SPS 300 (Systems Thinking) from notes and 2 rough drafts. Before that, however, I had to write the Final Paper: 8+ pages on using Systems Thinking in a fictional scenario. Using the rubric he gave us, I think I did OK on that paper. Not great but not horrible, either. I knew what I wanted to say but couldn’t translate thoughts to coherent written words. Oh, well.

The #3 paper turned out decent. Took a little longer than I would have liked to pick up the line of thoughts from the earlier drafts but it worked out in the end. Having extra time Wednesday night certainly helped.


Between paper writing, and probably the reason for the delays for paper #3, I had a meeting at TRIMARC with a member of the Kentucky Transportation Department. She held the 3rd of 3 daily training sessions for us, regarding the new East End Tunnels and the massive amount of software and technology that’s in it. There’s a lot that TRIMARC will be responsible for, when it comes to safety and monitoring for those tunnels. The meeting was about 2 hours long… which I have no complaints about. It was originally blocked out for up to 4 hours; getting a ride home was the icing on the cake.

So…. that leaves one assignment left and (now) 2 days to turn it in: the CIT 302 Web Site Project. I have most of the content in it; my problem is somewhere in the settings. Basically, we built a basic eCommerce site on WordPress, had to migrate it to a live server, and make sure that it functioned correctly (loaded quickly, products were showing up, security features were in place, checkout features were working, etc.). My issues fall in the migration part: somewhere in the wp-config settings, the live server isn’t reading or locating my WP site. Thankfully, the professor pushed the due date back to Friday. Hopefully I can get the errors fixed quickly, so I can change a few things around with my design. If you don’t hear from me by Friday night, assume that CIT 302 tied me up, mugged me, and left me on my front porch. 😉

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