“Warbringers: Azshara”

The latest expansion for World of Warcraft released on August 13th, titled "Battle for Azeroth" ('BfA'). Blizzard Entertainment, leading up the release, put out 2 new official and 1 not-official episodes of "Warbringers", glimpses into the lives and backstories of some of WoW's biggest characters. "Jaina" (based on the Human Mage, Jaina Proudmoore) and "Sylvanas" (based on … Continue reading “Warbringers: Azshara”

First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

I purchased this game months ago; I finally upgraded to a PC that could play it a couple of days ago. I played through the opening areas - an unofficial "Tutorial" - and will recap some of the story, different items that I ran across, and some of the controls/graphics/and overall gameplay. There will be slight … Continue reading First Look (Finally!): “Prey”

PC Game News: Darkest Dungeon & The Forgotten City

Darkest Dungeon DLC: "The Color of Madness" Launch Trailer - Link First seen on Steam, also reported by PC Gamer and Shack News, the popular game, "Darkest Dungeon" has a new expansion that launches on Tuesday, June 19th: "The Color of Madness". The premise: an alien comet has crashed into the old Miller's farm, just … Continue reading PC Game News: Darkest Dungeon & The Forgotten City

First Impressions: “Darkest Dungeons” DLC, Pt. 1

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 2 years since I bought "Darkest Dungeon" for the PC and 1 1/2 years since my first look at the game. Now, I take an early look at 2 new characters that I got from buying 2 DLCs, after the break. Finals for this semester put a delay on … Continue reading First Impressions: “Darkest Dungeons” DLC, Pt. 1

First Thoughts: “Super Mario Odyssey”

I got the chance to play about 30 minutes of Super Mario Odyssey on Saturday evening. I now want to own this game, if for the sole reason of getting revenge on Bullet Bills. Minor, early-game spoilers below. There was much that I enjoyed about my introduction to Super Mario Odyssey, starting with the game's actual intro. … Continue reading First Thoughts: “Super Mario Odyssey”

Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 2

We continue with my list of Favorite Nintendo Games: 6. "Beetle Adventure Racing" (N64) - If "1080 Snowboarding" was the biggest surprise on this list, then this is a very close 2nd. The only cars you could take were Beetles (with differently adjusted stats) but that didn't take away from the overall fun of this … Continue reading Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 2

Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 1

Last week, I co-recorded a podcast episode for "Podicus Wrecks" (look us up on the "Comicdom Wrecks" page!), reminiscing about old favorites on the various Nintendo platforms. I got to thinking: what are my all-time favorite Nintendo games? After some rummaging around in the memory banks- a lot of it, in some cases-  I've come up with … Continue reading Nintendo Nostalgia II, Part 1

Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 3:

A change to this blog: I'm removing the "Heroes" section from part 2 and adding it to this part. In the final part of the 'Darkest Dungeon' review, I'm going to take a look at the Hero Classes. There are 15 classes, with each class having 7 main stats to keep track of: Resolve: the resistance level to … Continue reading Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 3:

Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 2 – “GO! FIGHT! Die. Win…?”

You've picked your party from part 1 and are ready to go. Now... where to go? What should you take with you? And who are you taking? Items From what I've seen, there are 10 possible items that your party can take with it. Each item can be purchased from the Caretaker, once you've picked … Continue reading Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 2 – “GO! FIGHT! Die. Win…?”

Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 1: Setup

Good friend Scotty – the one who hosts the Game Nights that I write about, on occassion – had mentioned a PlayStation game called “Darkest Dungeon” to me a few weeks back. I later saw him play a few minutes of it, and it piqued my interest. I ultimately bought the game for PC on Thursday. I … Continue reading Review: “Darkest Dungeon”, Pt. 1: Setup