A Walk Tracker Result: “Wait… How?!?”

In June 2014, I decided to start tracking the time and distances of my walks; at that time, I walked about 3 times a week, 1-1.5 miles per walk. I was walking about 17:30 per mile (casual pace), 17:00 if I pushed the tempo. My goals were to get down to a 15:45 pace, as well as making walks of over 3 miles.

I use the Map My Walk app (Free Version) to track how far I walked, the pace per mile I walked, how long it took, and where I walked (the free version of the app also tracks elevation, estimated calories burned, and max. and min. pace; the paid version can track heart rate, cadence, and a whole slew of things):

I hit the 3 mile+ goal about 18 months ago. My fastest walk was a walk on 8/30/2015: a 2.4 mile walk, 38:18, at an average of 15:42 per mile (the last 0.44 miles of that walk was the fastest split I’ve ever had: 15:24).

However, I have been dealing with some annoying foot issues for the better part of 2 months: off and on Achilles Tendonitis in both heels, pain on the joint of my right big toe, right ankle pain, and, most recently and most painfully, pain and inflammation under the ball of my right foot, at the 2nd and 3rd toes (and some pain into both toes). This has virtually derailed my walking since then; I’ve made a few trips, mainly to get the blood flowing (~17:00, about 3/4 mile) , but nowhere near what I had been doing.

Today, for the first time since July 13th, I walked:
1) to see how far I could go before the pain started
2) to go 1 mile at about 17:00; I wanted to get outside more than I had in a while

Well, for #1, I made it about 2 blocks before the foot objected. Not too thrilled about that.

#2, however, surprised me:

Walk 8-7-16

I was lost in my phone music, I guess, because I definitely did not think I was walking that fast. That is the fastest per mile pace (15:33) I’ve ever had, by 9 seconds, and the fastest split (15:23) I’ve ever had, by 1 second.

So, now you understand why, when I pulled my phone out and saw the time, I said “Wait… How?!?”. 😉

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