New Look!

I have finally started revamping this blog, after a few months of mentioning it and putting it off. I think I have settled on a layout but will continue to fiddle around with background colors and a header image and colors.

I have also changed the name, temporarily, to “The Nexus”. I liked the name “Welcome To The Terrordome!” but didn’t want to run into any copyright issues with Public Enemy. I haven’t decided if I’ll stick with the new name… yet.

Most blog posts have been re-categorized and re-tagged, so that they can be found easier on the new side menu. The new layout seems a little easier to navigate (although I could add a few more widgets to it), a little easier to see and read, and overall, a lot cleaner.

Posts previously entitled “Entertaining The Cyborg” will no longer have that title. The posts with quick thoughts (including links) on current events, as well as things goings going on in my life – “Short Circuits” – will go by a yet-to-be-determined new title; the “Short Circuits” title will now go to what rants/raves I decide to write about.

Hope you all like it!

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