40 ’til 40: “Honored by Friends” #15 – #17

3 more moments (a day or 2 late); this time, they are good times with old Work, High School, and College friends. Thank you, all involved! #15: Afternoons with the Beldens and Wingfelds In 2008 - I don't exactly remember when - I got the chance to meet up with Lorne, after a few delays … Continue reading 40 ’til 40: “Honored by Friends” #15 – #17

August 22nd and the End of the Summer (yay!)

This is the last weekend forĀ a few things summer-related for me: The Olympics end this Sunday (unfortunate, because the 2016 Games have been very fun to watch, even with the asinine-faux-outrage over Gabby Douglass's missing smile and bad hand placement and the equally idiotic, and baffling, "oh, they were just kids having fun" sentiment over … Continue reading August 22nd and the End of the Summer (yay!)