40 ’til 40: “Honored by Friends” #15 – #17

3 more moments (a day or 2 late); this time, they are good times with old Work, High School, and College friends. Thank you, all involved!

#15: Afternoons with the Beldens and Wingfelds
In 2008 – I don’t exactly remember when – I got the chance to meet up with Lorne, after a few delays on my end (the life of a 2nd shift retail worker with no car, at the time). I had only seen Lorne once since graduation: our 10 Year High School Reunion, a couple of years prior. It was a simple meeting – lunch and a drink or 2 at a local stop called Cumberland Brews, in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood- but it was really great to catch up with Lorne and to meet Jennifer, Lorne’s wife!
A few years later, I got to in-person reconnect with another High School friend, Kristin. One of my best friends in HS, Kristin and I had spent 4 years together in Band and Wind Ensemble. I reconnected with her (like Lorne) on Facebook but it was 2012 when she invited me to go swimming at a local rock quarry (well, floating, since I can’t swim) and to meet her family. I got to meet her husband, Loren, and her incredibly adorable kids; I got to play “Dive Catch” with the youngest, as she jumped into the water. It was a fun afternoon! By the way, two of the Wingfeld children are part of The Louisville Leopards, a percussion group that just played for Ozzy Osbourne – check out the link!

#16: John Paul White/Secret Sisters Concert
The summer of 2016 saw me and one my best friends, Jessica A., go to a concert in a small but cozy bar called Zanzibar. We went to see one of her favorite artists, John Paul White, perform. The opening act was a duet from Alabama called The Secret Sisters. They were really good and seemed to really respond to the crowd’s cheering. John Paul White was also pretty amazing. I’m not exactly sure how to classify his music; whatever it is, it was a good mix of a few genres. I think I surprised myself by how much I liked both groups! It was the first concert I had been to in years, the first one we had been to, and, at that time, the first time we had hung out in person in a couple of years (if I remember correctly). A very fun evening!

#17: Groomsman
“Be careful who you sit next to, in Band.” Dr. Greg Byrne, our Director at UofL, would jokingly tell us that during early season rehearsals, telling us that we may end up marrying that person.
The two people that got married didn’t exactly sit next to each other but the “warning” still held true. 😉
J.R. and Jenny were in Marching Band and Pep Band with me; J.R. and I joined in 2001, while Jenny and I were in the same section, a few years later (we both played the Baritone Horn). Fast-forward a few years. J.R. and Jenny had been dating for a while and eventually got engaged. J.R. asked me to be one of his Groomsmen for their wedding. I still consider it one of the biggest honors I’ve ever had. It was only my 2nd weeding ever (at that time) and the 1st one that I was a part of. I won’t bore you with wedding prep details but the wedding itself was amazing! It was at Huber’s Orchard, Winery, and Farm, in a beautiful Fall setting. The reception was fun, even with my non-dancing self. I was glad to a be a piece of that day’s picture!

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