40 ’til 40: #18 – #20

#18: “Noon”

A silly little moment from Marching Band:

During my days in UofL’s band, our Game Day days would regularly exceed 7 hours. If a football game started at 7:30, for example, the band would report at 3:30 for warm-ups and practice; we’d then have “Card March”, performances for tailgaters, and a performance, and a pregame, on-the-field show, before kickoff. A game would go a little over 3 hours, we might play a song or Drum Cadence after the game, then we’d make the long walk back to campus.

After one 8:00 PM game that ran over 3 1/2 hours, one of the fellow Baritones asked what time it was; I saw the digits on my watch only and said “noon”.

It was midnight.

Forgive me – I was tired.

#19: “First”

Yes, that ‘first time’. It happened much later in life than “the norm”, but happened with a good friend, back in 2008. Thank you for the evening and not running away in fright. 😉

#20: Advanced Program

In the 3rd grade, I got chosen to take the Advanced Program Placement Test, to see if I would start the 4th grade in the Advanced Program. I ended the year with a 4.0 GPA… and passing the test! It ended up meaning that 4th and 5th grades would be in a new school, St. Matthew’s Elementary. AP was a challenge but I made it through.

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