2021 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

It’s been a while since I’ve made predictions on Pro Wrestling events.

Sunday is World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE’s) 1st major pay-per-view (PPV) of the year: the Royal Rumble. The ‘Royal Rumble’ match itself is a Battle Royal: 2 superstars start and every 90 seconds after, another one enters the ring. There are 30 total wrestlers in the Rumble; you are eliminated if you are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The last one standing wins the Rumble and is guaranteed a Title Shot at WrestleMania in April.

In addition, there are other, more ‘traditional’ matches on the PPV card.

So, here we go!

(in no particular order)

Women’s Smackdown Championship: Sasha Banks (Champion) vs Carmella: although it’s run a little stale lately, this has been an entertaining rivalry. Carmella has seemingly gotten the best of Banks 90% of the time they meet, including one-on-one matches. However, I think Banks retains on Sunday, to end this feud.

Winner: Sahsa Banks

Intercontinental Championship: Big E (Champion) vs. Sami Zayn – Sami Zayn is the resident ‘pest’ on the Smackdown brand, and he’s very good at it. Big E is the (relatively) new IC Champ, having beaten Zayn for the title about 6 weeks ago. Lurking in the background is top-contender Apollo Crews.

Predictions: Crews gets involved, costs Big E the match
Winner: Sami Zayn

United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (C) vs. Riddle – I read somewhere that Lashley has only been pinned or submitted once since last April. That’s ridiculous! Meanwhile, former MMA fighter (Matt) Riddle has been a thorn in Lashley, and his group (“The Hurt Business”)’s side for the better part of 6 months. Every time he’s run into Lashley, however, he’s been on the wrong end of the deal. That changes Sunday. Unfortunately.

Winner: Riddle

Women’s Tag Team Championship: Asuka and Charlotte (C) vs. Nia Jaxx and Shayna Bazler

I’m not as excited about this match as others. I think the interesting event happens after the match.

Winners: Asuka and Charlotte

Prediction: Charlotte turns on Asuka, demands Title Match at WrestleMania, the following night on Raw

Women’s Royal Rumble

There hasn’t been much of a build for the Women’s Rumble. Bianca Belair seems to have all of the momentum. Bayley is still a threat to win. I’m not going to predict the #1, #2, and #30 entrants because WWE Backstage, for whatever reason, is revealing them today.


  • 1st Eliminated: Billie Kay
  • Becky Lynch shows up!
  • Surprise Entries: Rhea Ripley, Mercedes Martinez, Toni Storm, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Naomi
  • Final Four: Ripley, Belair, Charlotte, Alexa Bliss
  • Final Two: Bliss and Belair
  • Winner: Alexa Bliss

Men’s Royal Rumble

A few susperstars (Daniel Bryan, Cesaro) have just the slightest amounts of momentum, heading into the Royal Rumble. We found out Saturday that the first 2 men in the Rumble will be Randy Orton… and Edge. Why would you put these two in first?!? This should be a mid-or-late Rumble moment, not a lead off!


Anyways, the “game” changed when Braun Strowman showed up on Smackdown on Friday night, after a 2-month ‘suspension’. Will that change my predictions?


  • 1st Eliminated: Tucker
  • Surprise Entrants: Adam Cole, Adam Pierce(!!), Jeff Jarrett, John Cena(!!), Seth Rollins
  • ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt “appears”, costing Orton in some way
  • Final Four: Strowman, Rollins, Lashley, Keith Lee
  • Final Two: Strowman and Lee
  • Winner: Braun Strowman

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Goldberg

This match scares me. It feels like WWE Creative is going to screw up months of work done by McIntyre, during the Pandemic, and hand Goldberg the WWE Title on a silver platter. This will lead to McIntyre getting his rematch at WrestleMania and getting his “WrestleMania Moment”, in front of live fans, by winning the belt back.

Winner: Goldberg

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (C) vs. Kevin Owens

For months, Kevin Owens has been the only one to stand up to Reigns and Jey Uso on Smackdown. And for months, Owens has fallen victim to either 2-on-1 attacks or Uso interference during matches. I don’t see anything different happening this time around. It should be a wonderful match, though.

Winner: Roman Reigns

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