Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning

No life-altering revelations or anything like that.

  • I am in Phase 1C (out of 5) for the COVID-19 Vaccine. I hesitated on getting the vaccine at first, but there’s been plenty of time for scientists to collect data on the vaccine(s), report any side effects, and note success rates. Kentucky is currently doing prep work to start Phase 1B vaccinations. I’ll be glad when I can get my shot!
  • In hindsight, I probably should have rushed for one of the fraternities when I was at the University of Louisville, mainly the music-based Phi Mu Alpha or Kappa Kappa Psi. I think seeing all of the ‘Founders Day’ posts on Facebook triggered that thought.
  • One of the best decisions of 2020: sticking with Dungeons & Dragons sessions.
  • Once things start opening back up, I’m going to start traveling the Louisville area, probably once a week, and trying new restaurants and cafes. This will probably be a 3 or 4-month project.
  • I’ve now grown my hair out for 8 months(!). I’m not sure what to do with it, next. I’m still leaning towards an Afro but I haven’t ruled out Twists/Braids or an Afro Ponytail. A HUGE change of pace from being bald (via shaving my head) for the better part of 25 years.
  • I bought wine on New Year’s Eve. That’s the first time I’ve bought alcohol for myself, for home. It wasn’t bad but I realized that I’m not a ‘dry’ wine fan.
  • I restarted a TV service: AT&T TV. As school is wrapping up for me, I didn’t want to sit around and only have video games as my main entertainment option.
  • Advice: don’t use Broccoli and Cheese soup in a Tater Tot Casserole. It changes the flavor in a not-good way.
  • Audible, an audiobook service, was another pretty good decision of 2020. I am definitely going to take advantage of it more in 2021. I’m already nearly finished with Book #2 of the new year!
  • It feels like I’m starting to burn out at TRIMARC… but not in a ‘bad’ way. I think, with me, it’s needing 2-3 weeks away from work to recharge, versus being tired of the job itself. I like the job, love the team, like the bosses, but could do with not seeing interstate traffic for a bit.
  • I’m liking this Mac book! However, I’m still mainly a Windows user.
  • I got a little bit lazy with my final 2 classes (since they are “On Demand”, there’s not a firm time structure to working on them or finishing them). I’m working on changing that; I should be back on track by next week.
  • Yes, the feet are still having issues, although not as often as in the past. There have been a few nights of < 3 hours of sleep because of them.
  • I have 9 masks in the rotation. It will be 10, if I can find a UofL one that I like, and isn’t a part of a 3-pack.
  • I get “The Masked Singer” but not “The Masked Dancer”.
  • I would love to have a house but: 1) I really like the current apartment and 2) I want to get a vehicle before a house. At 42 years old, it sometimes feels like my window on getting either is closing; however, possibly starting a new career keeps both windows open.
  • One of these days, I will finish listening to/watching “Critical Role, Campaign 1”. I think I stopped on Episode 91 of 114 or 115.
  • Time to clear out most of the mobile games on my phone, other than ‘Words With Friends’ and ‘Pokemon GO!’. The rest are just taking up space.
  • Hugs are BADLY underrated and missed. So are road trips.

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