… And A Look Ahead To 2021

I think it’s safe to say that “Avoid COVID-19” is at the top of everyone’s 2021 Resolutions/Wish List. 😉

My 2020 List, how each item turned out, and a Resolution/Wish/Goal for 2021 at the end, in groups:

  1. Graduate from WKU by December.

This failed, only on a Logistics technicality.
I took all ‘On Demand’ classes in the Fall. ‘On Demand’ meant that we started the classes when we wanted (I started all 4 in August) and finished when we wanted, as long as we spent at least 7 weeks in the class and finished within 6 months (9 months, if we purchased the extra 3 months at $75). I decided to finish my Capstone class in January and February, plus purchased extra time for my ‘Systems Analysis’ class, to finish in January. My ‘Python’ class is finished; I’m waiting on my professor to finish grading my work, so the Final for ‘A+ Software’ can officially be recorded. I should be finished with everything by the end of February 2021.

The main 2021 goal: walk down that aisle, and receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Technology (CIT), in May.

2. Celebrate February 15-23.

February 15th – 23rd was my first ‘vacation’ of 2020. I centered it around the 10th anniversary of my Heart Valve Surgery (the 18th). This was a big success. The dinner mentioned in the last post was the highlight but I did get to read some, go on a few walks, play video games, and generally relax, as the first cases of COVID-19 started hitting the U.S..

Another goal for 2021: take an actual vacation trip, even if it’s solo. I still am probably taking a ‘staycation’ early in 2021 (I’m looking at mid-to-late February) but I want to go away from Louisville for a week or 2. COVID-19 will have a lot to do with this trip; will things be back open at 100% when I decide to take off? My early plans are to go somewhere, some time in July. Some cities and places at the top of the list include: New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, the Outer Banks, Austin (TX), and Houston. Going with a group would be great but I am prepared to make it a solo trip.

3. Don’t say ‘yes’ as much; 6. Have more ‘me’ time, ‘fun’ time.

#3 could be considered a success, with help. The help was COVID-19. COVID-19 made is much easier to not say ‘yes’ to such things as ‘almost-constantly working on off days’, ‘going cross-county on Public Transit’, and being in groups larger than 5′ people.
#6 was a slight success. With the amount of time I didn’t spend riding around the county on a bus, I was able to have more video game time, more reading time, more walking time (during the spring and summer), and more writing/blogging/coding time. I hope that I can start seeing and hanging out with friends in early 2021.

Another 2021 goal: get a vehicle. I may be getting quite a bit back in Financial Aid residuals from Northrop Grumman, depending on when I get my A+ Software grade turned in. If that happens, a vehicle will fall into the “Above 50% Chance” category. I won’t get my hopes too high… yet.

4. Resolve CT/foot/travel money issues by April

This was inconclusive. COVID-19 led to the cancellation of the 2020 Drum & Bugle Corps seasons, which led me to use some of the money I had saved for the season on school and bills. The foot issues aren’t as consistent as they were in the summer of 2019… but they are definitely still there. A lot of doctors would not do any ‘non-emergency’ procedures, such as foot surgery, so I wait.

Another 2021 goal: get an internship, possibly start a new career. This is not a knock on my current job, however. My job now is great: I like the work, the team is great, the bosses are pretty good, and it’s only about a 25-30 minute bus ride from my apartment. However, at 42 years old, I need to start a career, and an internship – paid internship – would go a long way towards one. ‘Code Louisville’ has a great system with job searches and connections for alumni.

5. Drop down to 195 pounds by Labor Day (started 2020 between 208-212 pounds).

This was a success. This was originally a Drum Corps-based resolution but I still managed to drop to 195 about 3 weeks before Labor Day. I have been as low as 190.0; I’m currently somewhere around 192.0 pounds. I didn’t really do too much differently, other than not eat too many sandwiches, not eat late, and drank more water. It’s an 11-year low in weight!

Another 2021 goal: read and/or listen to 35 books. An ambitious goal, considering that I haven’t completed 25 books in the last combined 2 years. It should be fun to try, though!

Let’s hope that 2021 is better for all of us!

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