“Night Walk”: Angela Wick

Tuesday, 4:55 AM

I woke up at 4:30 AM, about 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, and about 3.5 hours after finally falling asleep. The cause of such a short sleep? The death of Angela Wick.

“Angie” was a good friend – maybe not the closest, but we were good. I first met her at a game day; my best friend’s brother was there and Angie was his girlfriend (later, wife). After that day, we’d run into each other at the occasional party and wrestling show, especially if WWE came to town. The last times that I saw her in person was at 2 shows: local promotion IWA had a big show in Jeffersonville, IN and we went (my first time, her many-more-time), and Chikara PRO (which I wrote about before – look in the Archives). Work schedules then stopped us from hanging out more but we did chat on Facebook.

Late last year, Angie was diagnosed with Stage 4B Cervical Cancer and it wasted little time in hospitalizing her. Last week, she took a sudden and startling turn for the worst. Her husband, Chris, said that after days of being unresponsive, both families agreed to stop treatments and food; she was likely to not make it out of the month.

I got to visit Angie one final time, last Thursday, after my checkup (across the street, at UofL Hospital’s AIM Clinic). Chris, at the hospital, caught me up with the situation. Angie looked peaceful but she had aged considerably. Seeing her reminded me too much of seeing my Mom in 2005, except on the other side of the Gate. I ‘talked’ to her and Chris for a few minutes, fighting the emotions, before I had to head off to other commitments.

Angie died on Monday night.

I’m still struggling with this, more than I thought I would.

Rest in peace, Angie. May you find peace, Chris.

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