“Night Walk”: Can’t Sleep

It’s odd: I thought I was retiring the late night/early morning posts called “Night Walks”, yet I’ve written 3 in the last 2 months. Maybe I’ll keep that category around…?
– My alarm will be set for Monday, but not for 5 AM – I am off! I’ve got a couple of errands that I want to get done in the morning but the rest of the day will involve school (a little bit), reading (some), and video gaming (a lot, unless I hang out with someone). Can’t wait!
– I watched a WWE pay-per-view on Sunday night, for the first time in at least 16 months. The Royal Rumble exceeded expectations! I may break down the matches later this week but for now, I’d give it a B+. And THANK YOU, RICOCHET AND DREW MCENTYRE!!
– On the other end of the emotional spectrum, the world lost 9 people in a deadly helicopter crash. Two of them were Gigi Bryant and her famous father, Kobe Bryant. As a fan of the L.A. Lakers for over 35 years, this was an unpleasant shock to the system. I’ll definitely write more about this when it isn’t nearly 2 AM. This includes those who find the need to climb a soap box and post about “the other people involved”.
– I got New Year’s Day off from work, liked I had hoped and wished for months, got invited to a “Roaring ’20s”-themed party… and ended up staying at home. I was too exhausted to go to a friend’s house. That leads to….
– … My badly-needed vacation starting on February 17th (Monday) but technically the end of the work day of the 14th (Friday) begins the off-work time. I’m not likely to head out of town; it’ll probably be a stay-at-home vacation but I am open to things that involve friends and/or family and/or getting out of the apartment.
– The Spring 2020 semester technically starts in about 6 hours! I’m taking 6 hours (2 classes, at 3 credit hours each):
CIT 332 – Systems Development II (basically, Java Programming and Object-Oriented Programming); this is a repeat from ‘that’ disastrous semester
CIT 456 – System Analysis and Development II; this is analyzing network and computer systems, designing each, and troubleshooting each
My CIT 332 class is a traditional online class, which starts Monday. The CIT 456 class is an On Demand class, which starts the moment I enroll in it (which was about a week ago). 456 has been a hassle to enroll in because of some missing money between WKU and Northrop Grumman but it *appears* that the money was straightened out. We’ll see.
– I started in one of my Dungeons & Dragons groups on Saturday! This group is an actual “campaign”; we spent Saturday fleshing out characters, backgrounds, and settings. I’m playing as an Aasimar Protector War Cleric, a half-angel fighter and healer. We are in the setting of Eberron, a steampunk-esque world; our group will meet on average about once a month. It should be fun! The other group is a “Dungeon-in-a-Box” group: we will go through random dungeons whenever we meet. I am a Warforged Skirmisher – Artificer Alchemist: basically, a living golem/robot that is part Engineer, part Potion-Maker. Our first meeting of that group will be on Friday, the 31st.
Podicus Wrecks has gone over 150 episodes! I’m as surprised as you that we made it this far. Give us a listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, and wherever else you find your podcasts!
– The over/under of when ‘the streak’ ends: 9.5 years. It is currently somewhere between 7.5 and 8 years. I’m going with ‘over’. đŸ˜–
– Not a lot has changed on the Cincinnati Tradition-foot-money front. Money is being saved (but seemingly too slowly), my right foot is still an absolutely painful mess (and the left foot hasn’t exactly been quiet in the last 2 weeks), and CT has possibly the biggest corps in their history. I’m still looking at late March or early April as a starting point… if I’m able to go. If not, I heal up, save up, and gear up for 2021.
– I joined one of my best friends from high school at the first Alumni Association meeting for our school. It was interesting! The school has changed quite a bit; I wish I had walked around a little bit more than I did. Anyway, the meeting went well – emails were put into a database, Social Media pages were up and running, and a couple of fundraising ideas were floated around. I’m looking forward to the next meeting!

– In the self-improvement department, I need to stop trying to make everything “productive”. For example, when I have some non-work and non-school time, I don’t need to always run errands or feel like I’ve accomplished something. Instead: watch TV for an hour and ‘veg out’; go for a walk but not try to time it – just stroll along, for a few miles, listening to podcasts or music; or play video games for a couple of hours. It is probably one of the main reasons that I’m so tired (and a lot of my lower body hurts): I’m not taking enough true down-time.

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