“Night Walks”: January 10th

So I took a look at Facebook’s “On This Date” feature, where they show you what you posted in the past, on a certain date. Apparently, January 10th was a pretty eventful day in my past.

2012: I was evicted from my apartment, 2 days after getting back in town from a Drum and Bugle Corps tryout, 4 days before tax refunds would have paid off my rent, avoiding the eviction. After a few days in a hotel (to basically think), I moved in with my Dad.

2013: I made it to Minnesota Brass’s ‘Membership Night’, in Minneapolis. It was a great event and trip… until the Megabus broke down, just outside of Chicago.

2014: Target had a breach in its payment system. At the time, I thought I was one of the 100 million-plus victims; I ultimately wasn’t. I also had my highest ever INR spike; 5.1. That is a ratio of how slow my blood clots, compared to a ‘normal’ sample. My range, due to double-valve heart surgery, is supposed to be 2.5 – 3.5. The side effects of a high INR are not pleasant.

2015: There was a reunion of some of my best friends, at a local bar/restaurant called “The Granville”. This was, I think, the next-to-last time this group was together.

2016: Louisville went from the mid 50s to the low 20s and snow, in a matter of hours. We got a decent snow fall (2017 countered that with almost no snow). We may be going through the same thing in 3 days.

This year, I don’t know what is in store for me, but I’m hoping it’s more of the 2015 event, rather than the 2012 event.

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