“Tales from the TARCside”: ‘The Huddle’

TARC, the Louisville transit system, is no different than any other mass transit system: sometimes, their buses become crowded. Passengers may have to stand up for part, or all, of their trip.

TARC riders, like other mass transit systems, also have some fear of The Back of the Bus, apparently. The leads to the self-named phenomenon known as “The Huddle”.

I am currently on a pretty full TARC, as I write this. I am on the row of seats that lines the back of the bus; there are 3 seats between me and the guy on the other end of the row. There is at least 1 seat that’s open in front of us. One guy just got on the bus, saw The Back of the Bus, and grabbed onto the bar at the front of the Bus. A young dude yelled up to him, telling him that seats were open; Front of the Bus Guy declined.

This is not an isolated incident, even on buses with half of the passengers as the one I’m about to get off. If there are 10 seats available in The Back, and none open in the front, people will usually stand in the exit near The Back of the Bus, wrap themselves around the exit poles as tightly as possible (the ‘Watch Your Step’ pole on the right, below picture, is the usual recipient), and *stand*. This is “The Huddle”.

I don’t  understand The Huddle. If there are seats open, why stand up (giving up your seat for someone who needs it, notwithstanding)? The Back of the Bus won’t bite you. Besides, standing in the exit is against the rules. 😉

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