Inside The NEW Terrordome!

Louisville is recovering from an ice and snow “storm” as I settle into my in my own apartment again. Hey, 3-4″ of snow and ice is more than we’ve had in nearly 2 years!

Song: “City Living” by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

It’s a Christmas Miracle – Louisville started 2018 with 5 DAYS without a homicide!

… and promptly added 7 homicides over the next 10 days. I have a feeling that we will break 100 murders again.

In addition to “Roleplay Public Radio” and “Technical Difficulties”, I’ve added “Critical Role” to my gaming podcast list. They have all kept me very entertained on nights when Louisville drivers have kept off of walls, out of guard rails and cable barriers, and not had close encounters with ice or snow or rain.

I’ve been in my new apartment a little under 2 weeks so far, and I am loving it!


I had saved up a bunch and after last week, I’m glad that I did. I had to fork over a bunch of money to pay off an old, expensive utilities bill (from 2009) that I’d forgotten about, plus pay off an old AT&T phone bill from 7-8 years ago, before I moved in. I also received a couch and bought a new bed & mattress, since I didn’t have one and the other was little more than an old mattress.

Nevertheless, my mattress got here 10 days ago, the bed arrived on the 9th (with a 9 AM arrival time – in the “Resist the Urge To Add To The Homicide Total For Waking Me Up” time period for 3rd-shifters) – and the couch (at 10 AM) arrived yesterday. Now, I have to just take care of odds and ends, such as getting a new, smaller bookcase and a vacuum, and getting small stuff to make the apartment feel more like a home, like a wall calendar and some wall art. I’m not sure if I’ll have a Housewarming Party or something similar, but friends that want to stop by and/or hang out are now very welcome to do so!

One thing that I’ve really liked about the move: the weight loss. Surprising as it sounds, I’ve loss 6-7 pounds since I moved, and I haven’t really taken full advantage of the Planet Fitness 1/2 mile away! I don’t have any scientific proof but I think what led to the weight loss is: getting some decent sleep on a decent bed, even when it’s only 5-6 hours of sleep on some nights; fixing food for work (I haven’t eaten fast food a lot, but I have ordered Delivery from a few places, until recently); and drinking a ton of water. When I have gone to Planet Fitness this year, I usually do a few minutes on a treadmill then switch to the stationary bike, either doing 15-20 minute sessions or seeing how fast I can pedal 5 miles. I’ll add different/more exercises as I work out and finalize a better work/school and homework/workout and walking schedule.

My final year as an undergrad begins next week:


The good thing about these classes: I had Dr. Pasley for Security I and Dr. Mowafi for Systems Development I, so I know how they grade, how their assignments, quizzes, and exams are structured, and how they grade. The bad part: if Systems Security and Telecom II have as much info and work as their Fall pre-requisites, then I’m in for a lot of days with very little down time. I still have that goal of turning around the Fall and getting a 3.00+ this semester!

I have a few ideas for content for this blog, in the upcoming months. I’ll still have reviews (“Entertaining The Cyborg”), short opinions and goings-on in my life (“Inside The Terrordome”), and other things that may catch my eye. I want to do another walkthrough and review of either DLC or a mod for a game, most likely Skyrim. I definitely will review the book “American Gods”, once I finish reading it, and that is going pretty well. Also, once I upgrade the computer, I plan on writing reviews on “Atlas Reactor” and “Prey” (right now, my graphics card can’t handle “Prey” and “Atlas Reactor” is jumpy).

I have an idea for a unique review/recap of either Darkest Dungeon or World of Warcraft, one where I am “on scene” with the characters, so to speak. Stay tuned for that!

It’s been a good start to 2018, with a busy week ahead. Hope everyone has also had a good 2018 so far!


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