“Night Walks”: ‘Memory Dump’

4:35 AM – A slow Friday night/Saturday morning at work

Song: “Telegraph Ave (“Oakland by Lloyd”)” by Childish Gambino (I do not own that video nor is there any intended copyright infringement)

– After getting 1/2 cup of coffee at work, I realized that I’ve never brewed my own cup(s) of coffee before…!

– I think I saved about $100 by ordering my text books from Amazon a few days ago. That said, I still have a $225-$265 book to buy. Yuck.

– Pericarditis SUCKS. There’s no other accurate way to describe it. In general, it’s a painful condition where the sac of fluids that surrounds the heart is inflamed or irritated in some way. There is usually  pain under my left arm, in my chest, and there’s some weariness and coughing involved. Thankfully, the latest bout ended last week, after about a week of symptoms.

– The Reds and Braves… are as bad as I thought they would be, back in March. The Reds, especially, just have not had a healthy pitching staff this year; they are using a Double-A staff. It’s another losing season – another “rebuilding year” – for the Reds. Maybe the front office of the Reds needs to be “rebuilt”.

– I have enjoyed my return to “Skyrim”, after more than a year away from the PC game. I am still going with the ‘Stealth Archer’ character build, with a lot of additional focus on Alchemy, Lockpicking, and Enchantment, plus some focus on One-Handed Weapons and Destruction and Restoration spells. I’ve picked up the infinite Soul Gem, “Azura’s Star”, and plan on going after the unbreakable lockpick, “Skeleton Key”, the next time I play (probably Wednesday). It’s means me doing The Thieves’ Guild quest chain. That’s not a bad thing.

– Speaking of games, you should play the card game called “Parade”, by designer Naoki Homma. It is a quick, fun game where you try to score points via a ‘parade’ of characters from the story “Alice In Wonderland”. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look into this game!

– I miss marching and playing. Unlike 2010 (when I was last with DCK), 2013 (with MBI), and 2015 and 2016, I (potentially) have the spare income to look into a Drum and Bugle Corps for 2018 or 2019. I have to get my heel(s) and ankle back under control, and get back to a fitness level that I was at a few years ago – minimum – before the process goes from the “Looking into the Distance” to “Exploratory” phase.

– College and Pro Football starts in less than 2 weeks!!

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