“DAY Walk”: “Vacation!”

A ‘Staycation’ is probably a more accurate description.

I have today, and the next 5 days, off from work, as well as next weekend. My boss couldn’t get anyone to cover Friday 9/8; otherwise, it would be 9 days off straight.

What I like about this time off: it’s not due to a lack of work, a health issue, school issues (Midterms, Finals, etc.) or a family emergency. It’s strictly for me.

This time off was originally supposed to be for moving but the apartment search has bogged down. Instead, it will just be a needed mental break – more so than a physical break. 

Funny Cars: Alexis DeJoria (“Tequila Patron”) versus Cruz Pedregon (“Snap-On”)

I don’t have any glorious travel plans (unfortunately, depending on how you look at it).

The highlight will probably be Monday morning and afternoon, when I go with my little brother to the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, the biggest event of the NHRA season. I had always wanted to go to an NHRA event; this will be my 7th time at the U.S. Nationals since 2008. We are near the starting line, 3 rows up – wonderful seats! I can’t wait!

Other than that, I don’t have a ton planned. I’m watching the University of Louisville-Purdue University game today, but am not sure if it will be in Indianapolis at the stadium, in Indy at a sports bar, or in Louisville (I was a student at both schools, so this game will be extra fun for me). I hope to get some good walking time and gym time in. I have a check up to take care of on Thursday afternoon. Other than that: some reading, a lot of gaming, some TV – maybe, and whatever fun event or events that come along and I can get to/get home from. Some apartment searching, also.

Let the staycation begin!

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