“Night Walk (Work Edition)”: ‘Unpopular Opinions’

One of the recent popular trends in Facebookland is for your status to ask your friends to post a non-political, unpopular opinion. Emphasis on ‘NON-POLITICAL’. It’s a trend that I’m glad to see – mainly for the NON-POLITICAL part. Rather than post one, here are a few of my ‘unpopular’ opinions:

  • Cigar smoke is AWFUL. Not cigarillo smoke (although it’s not much better), but full-sized cigars. One of the few times I’ve had a full-blown migraine has been after smelling cigars.
  • “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is borderline unwatchable. I described it on Facebook as “smouldering garbage”. I think I was being too mild.
  • Playing ‘World of Warcraft’/any kind of video game, is not a crime or some kind of indictment on your personality. If you think it is, may I suggest a good , long look in the mirror, to make sure you have NO deficiencies in your personality.
  • Guacamole is highly overhyped, overrated, and overused.
  • Pictures of your feet while on the beach/out on the town/in the snow should earn you a 1 week ban from social media. It’s…. WHAT’S THE POINT OF THOSE PICTURES??
  • Sex (especially casual sex) should not nearly be as ‘taboo’ as it is. 3 dates, 4 phone calls, a bank statement, at least 1 portfolio sent to GQ Magazine, and a credit score over 700 should not be pre-reqs for having some fun in the sheets (or wherever one likes to have that kind of ‘fun’).
  • Trap Music is GARBAGE.
  • I do not like cold weather… but I love snow. I cannot explain that.
  • Golf should not be televised, unless it’s one of the 4 Major tournaments.
  • Unless it’s buried in a fruity drink, Vodka is nasty.
  • “Elf on the Shelf” is silly, and not in a good way.

Those are some of the opinions that I could think of. For those who read this, what are your ‘unpopular’ opinions? 

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