Reorganizing (Updated)

A couple of years ago, I started this blog. It was originally an outlet for random thoughts and opinions that I no longer wanted to write under the “Notes” section of Facebook. After a few months, I started adding reviews for movies, game reviews and thoughts, and other things “techie” and/or “geeky”.

Fast-forward to the early Fall of this year, and I started joining in on the “Podicus Wrecks” podcast, generally 3 out of every 4 weeks. With school just starting Winter Break, and with me recording more often, this is the perfect time for me to reorganize my blog.

So, for now on, I will have 2 blogs:

This page will now be called “Enter The Cyborg”. 

The new page will now be called “The Nexus“, located at; I’ll continue to link the two pages together for a while. “The Nexus” will focus on:

  • Video Game reviews and thoughts; PC Games will be the vast majority of this category but I will put down a thought or 2 on any console game or system that I might play
  • “Podicus Wrecks” episodes, linked from the parent site “Comicdom Wrecks
  • Book reviews
  • Tech subjects, such as phone reviews, PC /Mac news (and probably some rants about parts), and thoughts on/links to interesting tech news
  • something I’ve wanted to get back into: pro wrestling thoughts. I might not review much at the beginning of this blog (no cable/dish service at the moment) but all other thoughts, rants, and recommendations will happen here
  • a touch of Sports

A more detailed explanation is on the other page. For now, I hope you continue to follow and read this page, and will start reading and following the new page!

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