“Short Circuits”: “Let’s Rage!!” (Updated)

(added a couple of ‘circuits’ since the draft of this post was started)

In the latest episodes of  ‘As The World Outrages’, I bring you these 4 stories:

  • Election Night results are now official and it looks like the Democratic Party took some major punches and kicks to the head. In Kentucky, it wasn’t punches and kicks that hurt the Democrats – it was a Powerbomb Of Ignorance from the few people that bothered to vote. 31% of registered voters made it to the poll… and elected Matt Bevin as the new Governor. You know, Matt Bevin – the guy that Mitch McConnell ate for lunch last year in the Kentucky Senate Race Primary, the one McConnell called, among other things, “a con man”. Yet, one year later, he is next in line to screw up run the state. It’s going to be interesting to see how his main platform stance – “ending Obamacare” – will play out in the Kentucky Legislature; it’s looking like it’s going to be a nasty fight, as the Washington Post points out.
    This ‘Obamacare’/’Kynect (KY’s system)’ issue is a personal one.If Bevin scuttles Kentucky’s Medicare system, myself and thousands of others are going to find themselves without the help to pay for medicine, medical checkups and procedures, and other medical aid. Example: I get an INR check every 4-6 weeks, the cost covered by Kynect. Without Kynect, it costs anywhere from $20-$50 per visit. If I need lab work done too (covered by Kynect), add about $150-$250, per lab. That is too much of a financial hit when I might not gross $10,000 this year, and usually net average about $11,500/year. So, forgive me being incensed and annoyed – plus a little worried – this morning. I’ve found myself in the  “don’t guilt trip those who didn’t vote” camp in the past; this is NOT one of those times.
  • I find it odd that the cop who dragged/slammed the female student from her desk a few days ago (rightfully) came under fire for the incident… but very little rage over this punk kid who slammed his teacher over a cell phone, even when the video resurfaced on Facebook at the same time as the cop incident. On a side note, the girl in that video should NOT get a pass because “she was grieving”; that is a cowardly excuse. The teacher asked her to leave repeatedly, the officer asked her to leave on her own. She refused each time. The force of his actions WERE NOT justified; however, she is NOT the ‘innocent victim’ some are portraying her to be. This is also NOT a racism issue, as some are portraying it to be. This is a “Police Brutality” issue.
  • The University of Louisville President, along with some of his staffers, decided to dress in sombreros and fake mustaches for a Halloween party: Picture Fallout.
    Over the last month, UofL has had issues with a lack of minorities on the Board of Trustees, the Katina Powell-Andre McGee Sex scandal, and now this. BAD JUDGMENT and BAD TIMING on President Ramsey’s part.
  • On a personal, kinda-ragey note: 17 assignments turned in since August 24th, 1 graded. ONE. I understand that you might get a couple of weeks behind with grading, especially if you are teaching other classes or at other campuses. However; 1 grade in the books, with 4 weeks left, is absurd:
    CIT 124: Introduction To Game Development

Backing away from the RAGE!!!… quite a bit:

  • Microsoft might be playing nice with Linux?
  • For the local folks: if you get a chance, go check out the new digital displays on the front of the KY Center for the Performing Arts. It’s a nice addition!
  • Money and an overload of school work has kept me away from WoW for about a month but I’ll probably re-activate my account again this weekend. It’s a good way to relax and decompress for a couple of hours… until you run into demon packs
  • Speaking of World of Warcraft, PC Gamer put out an interesting article a couple of months ago about the game and its entrance into the “end-game”. I am hoping that, with “Legion” and any later expansion packs/patches, Azeroth is affected as much by the Burning Legion as it was during the “Cataclysm”.
  • Congratulations to my friends who took their High School Marching Bands to new and unprecedented heights, both at the State Championships and at Bands Of America (BOA)!

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