Simple Pleasures

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

As I was on the bus, returning home on this hazy, foggy morning an hour or so ago, I started thinking about the Halloween party that I left. The party itself was fun but what really made my night were the people there. To me, simple joy(s), such as partying/hanging out/chilling with friends, are often the best and most satisfying ones.
Some other ‘simple pleasures’ that I enjoy experiencing include:

– something that happened a few days ago, on the bus: a baby smiling and waving at me; when I waved back, he started beaming
– running into old friends and having them speak to me/greet me. In a similar boat, having friends say hi on social media
– the smells of grills and freshly cut grass in the spring and summer
– finishing a Program for any computer class (C, C++, C#, Python), having it complied, and run correctly. I wish I could explain that one better, other than saying ‘I feel like celebrating if the program cooperates’
– First buses that run on time, so that second buses are caught without 25-75 minute waits
– larger-than-expected paychecks
– compliments, especially when they are spontaneous
– hugs. Yes, some guys do like to give/get hugs, without it being misconstrued as anything else
– making people smile, even if it’s a split-second smirk
Music and good books/stories

So, as November rolls in, go out, find, and/or experience your own simple pleasures. You never know when some of those ‘simple’ ones will turn into ‘major’ ones.

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