Inside The Terrordome VI

  • About 7(!) years ago, a good friend of mine invited me and a few close friends to her dorm room for a Thanksgiving-style dinner. She kept that tradition going while she was living in Louisville (expanding it somewhat when she moved to an apartment, adding a party to the end of the night). I hope that, if/when I can get my own place again, I can do something similar; included in that would be hosting friends that may not have family in town or don’t have anyone to celebrate Thanksgiving with. It would will be a multi-day event.
  • 21 governors, including the governor of Texas, have said that they will not accept any Syrian refugees; the identity of one of the Paris attackers was believed to be Syrian.
    He was not Syrian.
    The passport found, reported to be that suspect’s, is now believed to be a fake.
  • The states legally cannot restrict immigration policies, according to the Refugee Act of 1980.
    (here’s an article from ThinkProgress; I honestly don’t know how biased this site is, so I apologize in advance if they are known to slant “one political direction or another”)
    The Islamophobic, Xenophobic, and just plain stupid comments on this story make me really want to start blocking and/or de-friending people on Facebook.
    I still wonder how many that currently “support” the French were the same ones eating “Freedom Fries”, and not eating French Vanilla Ice Cream, a few years ago……
  • “The Kick Heard ‘Round The World”: #7 UFC Bantamweight Contender Holly Holm pulled off possibly the greatest upset in UFC history when she beat now-former Champion Ronda Rousey. Actually, “beat” is a bit of an understatement; “lit Ronda up like the National Christmas Tree” is closer to the truth. I think Ronda still doesn’t know where that foot to her neck came from….
    Regardless, the notion that Ronda Rousey was “a recent phenomenon” or is “no longer the greatest female MMA fighter ever” is, at best, silly. It’s too early to proclaim Holm that; she hasn’t even made a title defense yet. It’s way too early to dismiss Rousey; she had one off-night.
  • Speaking of that dismantling, comments made by certain family members, in an inebriated state, are one of the many reasons why I:
    1) will never get close to being drunk, EVER
    2) need to move into my own place, yesterday
  • Here’s an inspirational story coming from the Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships this past weekend:
    Special Athlete Competes
  • ESPN had its final broadcast of the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series on Sunday, after 15 years. I liked their overall coverage but some of their broadcast times weren’t exactly the greatest. Let’s see how Fox Sports does things in 2016; I’m excited that the national network will show at least 4 races next year.
  • I’ve gotten my hopes up repeatedly about a film adaptation of “The Dark Tower”, whether it’s just one book, a mini-series of the first 4 books, a series based on all 7 books, or something else. I’m doing it again, if this star signs on as a main DT villain.


  • I’ve changed my stance somewhat on KCTCS’s  (Kentucky Community and Technical College System) online Sexual Harassment training. I now like the fact that KCTCS makes it mandatory – and required to finish the course by a certain date –  for all students to take this training course, the ‘mandatory’ part being the issue that I’ve changed my mind on. It’s too big of an issue to make it ‘optional’.
  • There about 2 1/2 weeks left in this semester. Right now:
    – I have roughly a 90.6% (B+) in C# Programming; a 92+ is an A. I have 4 assignments left to turn in, 2 more that are late, and the 4th Exam. An A is definitely possible but I need to knock the exam out of the park, just to be certain of earning one.
    – I have no clue – still in Intro to Game Development. The professor finally graded 2 more assignments, bringing the grand total up to 3. There is a Group project due today but that isn’t going well at all. I am seriously contemplating asking for a refund in this class; even with me thinking I’m sitting in the low-to-mid 90’s, this professor has been borderline worthless.
    – I have an 89.1% (B+) in Public Speaking; 90+ is an A. There is a PowerPoint presentation (Thursday) and final Persuasion Speech (by next Monday) to turn in. My 2nd Informative Speech hasn’t been graded yet; I’m reluctant to see that grade.
    – Right now, I have a 97.1% (A) in Python Programming; 90+ is an A. There are still 7 assignments that haven’t been graded, plus 2 to turn in by Thursday. There is also a Final Group Project to turn in in 2 weeks, plus whatever HW is assigned between this week and Finals Week.
  • I might call an audible, regarding the Spring ’16 semester. I’m waiting to hear back from Western Kentucky University, about transferring financial aid from JCTC to WKU and if I already have aid on file at WKU (I didn’t see any). Either option works at this point; it’s a matter of how many hours I can take if the aid is light at WKU, vs. taking at least 12 hours at JCTC with the aid I know is there.
  • I need to research more of the Republican side of the 2016 Presidential Race. I simply refuse to blindly vote for a candidate based solely on one issue of their platform, what party they represent, or (even worse) vote straight-party just because “[I] have always voted for [this Party]”.
  • I’m turning my focus away from weight loss and towards toning and endurance. Dropping 30-35 pounds has been nice; now, let’s see what can happen with getting the endurance even better than my marching days at UofL. I doubt I’ll run a marathon any time soon but right now, I can definitely walk a 5K,  and probably walk a 10K without any major problems.

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