Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

It is 3:45 AM, the Monday after Finals. I am still waiting on grades from 2 classes. Here's what I know and what I'm guessing on (in red): Intro to Supply Chain Management: I don't know what I got on my Final but it was not good - my semester average dropped a fraction of … Continue reading Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Back To Reality’

Well, I'm one week removed from Spring Break. Of the┬ámany things I'd hoped to get done on break, the only thing that panned out was the Unemployment appeal - it actually happened on the 22nd, the Tuesday after Break. I now have to wait for some kind of ruling on it. The 3 likely outcomes … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Back To Reality’